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1/4/14 11:12 A

Oh, good! I was curious about the ability to change plans. Thanks for clearing that up! Awesome idea on the 3-ring binder!

CEELEE1111 Posts: 687
1/3/14 2:04 P

I also got a Groupon deal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE It!! I started in mid October with one of the slow cooker plans, and just switched to the low calorie plan this week. (You can change which plan you follow up to once per month.) I think that in the money I've saved on frozen meals as well as the money I have wasted in the past on throwing away rotten food I didn't use, is already about enough to pay for a regular membership.

I also signed up for the breakfast and lunch plans through the Groupon deal. With those, there are no options, just healthy/easy breakfasts and lunches. We sometimes like breakfast for dinner, too, so for me it triples my evening meal options.

When I get my weekly plans, I print off the recipes and shopping lists and put them in a 3-ring binder, then mark the ones my hubby and I especially like so I can go back to them later.

Most of the recipes (90%) are fast and easy. Though, the prep times don't really make sense to me... I really enjoy cooking, but it takes me about twice as long to chop and prep as the recipes say ( emoticon LOL).

I really can't say enough positive about eMeals.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!


1/1/14 9:11 P

Has anyone ever done the eMeals program? It looks like an awesome way to eat healthy and inexpensively. I got a Groupon deal for a year at half the cost and am really looking forward to starting it in June (I'm getting married the last day of May so I'll start it once future hubs and I are living together.). I am really liking the low calorie plan. Has anyone tried this or any others they liked more?

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