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KARA623 Posts: 727
3/18/13 4:08 P

It's done. Put it behind you, and use what you've already read to figure out how to avoid this in the future. Beating yourself up is counter-productive and will not help.

One thing that pops out at me is where was all that junk? Did you have it at your house? I'm an emotional/boredom/stress eater, and for that reason, I keep nothing in my house that is worth a good binge. That makes it necessary to really think about going to get the things I want, and even if I do, I get a single serving. That's one barrier you can put between you and the urge to binge.

If you did purposely go out and get all of those things with the intention to binge, that's trickier, and you need to find some strategies to keep yourself from getting in the car. I sometimes find that i can ward it off by taking a hot bath, doing a puzzle, reading a book, or taking a walk.

ROANNE_N Posts: 134
3/18/13 3:22 P

Artgod I know exactly what you are talking about. I know everyone is right in saying, don't worry about starting again tomorrow, start again right now. And obviously its about becoming healthy so you can keep up with your kids and grandkids, etc. I know all that. I've told myself that a million times. However knowing all that doesn' help when all you want to do is eat the junkfood and sit in the comfy chair. What about when you just don't have the willpower and motivation to do what you know you are supposed to do. And if I do manage to get up and do some extra exercise, what's the point when tomorrow and the next day and the next day I'm going to have to fight with myself all over again. Seems like it would be just a whole lot easier to accept myself as I am. This is me, the big fat woman over here in the chair. Come children, give Mommy/Grammy a kiss, because I love you, but I can't get up.

Seriously, I'm not meaning to be sarcastic and I'm actually crying as I type this, but I really know what you are going through.

ILLINICHEERS SparkPoints: (68,158)
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3/16/13 10:00 A

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ArtDog - I know where you are coming from on the emotional eating. Mine usually comes from people (my customers) that I have to deal with that are unbelievably rude and stupid and my mine tells me that unhealthy lunch or chocolate cookie will make me feel better. Some days I resist and feel great and some days I just can't and have to treat myself to some junk.

I try to take one day at a time and not beat myself up when I fall off the wagon (so to speak). Remember this is not a diet it is a lifestyle and just in life some days are better than other. When you are feeling sad, go play with your 4 legged babies (mine always cheer me up). You can do this

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,827)
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3/16/13 9:27 A


Something that's helped me was Indygirl's great quote (paraphrasing here): "If you received a traffic ticket, would you go around breaking all traffic laws for the rest of the day?"

That quote kind of brings it all home in a humorous way for me.

Don't wait for tomorrow; do it NOW! The very next meal is your do-over! Just say to yourself, "Well, that tasted good. Moving on! Now, what healthy thing can I plan for dinner?"

This way, you've acknowledged you ate but are not flogging yourself over it; gave yourself permission to move on so you're not stuck in the past; and most importantly, actively engaged a plan for the future - even if that "future" is a mere two hours from now. It kind of is pressing the re-set button.

So many of us are or have been trapped in that, "I'll-begin-again-tomorrow" rut. I know I was.
Then, like you say, tomorrow comes & if you flub at all, you repeat the same silly mantra of "tomorrow." Well, forget tomorrow!! Do it NOW and I promise, you'll feel more in control and feel better. And the better you feel about yourself, the more apt you'll be to continue making better choices.

Good luck!

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3/16/13 6:42 A


I think you'll find the Spark articles on emotional eating to be extremely helpful. Here's something else you might try. The next time you feel like you want to eat and eat and eat, get out a piece of paper and write down how you're feeling. Are you angry when you're eating those Reese's ? Are you bored when eating that ice cream ? Were you upset ? Whatever you're feeling, write it down.

Then over time, look over what you've written. You may notice some "triggers" that cause you to eat uncontrollably. If you can find out what those triggers are, that will help you manager your binge eating.

Also, this is something I learned from my own years of yo yo dieting,"If you eat crap, you'll feel like crap". So, if you've been eating a lot of sugary treats and junk, it's not a wonder your body may be feeling miserable. Many studies have shown how the foods we eat CAN effect our moods. Thus the reason you need to try to eat more healthfully. try to drink more water to flush your system.

The healthier you start eating, the healthier you'll start feeling.

NOLAFIT Posts: 124
3/16/13 1:05 A

You CAN do it!

Feeling guilty about eating too many Reeses and feeling guilty about not exercising when you should is negative feedback. It isn't going to do anything but hurt you. Changing your attitude, I think, is half your battle.
The tricky thing about carbs is that even though they are so desirable, they won't fill you up, and they will leave you feeling hungry, maybe insatiable. I eat reeses. I'm crazy for salty chips. I love chocolate and ice cream, but when I notice I am just moving from potato chips to chocolate to bread I stop myself and try to eat something with a high protein content like flavored greek yogurt or cottage cheese...and maybe a big glass of water with it as well. These protein packed foods should help turn off the "hunger" signal fairly quickly.

Chin up! I believe in you!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,201)
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3/16/13 12:59 A

That is what we are here for - to support each other :-)

Kris xx

ARTGOD Posts: 184
3/16/13 12:53 A

I am eating for emotional stress and support and I think for today I identified why, I read the articles and hopefully I can put some of them to good use. Thank you for the support.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,201)
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3/16/13 12:01 A

What's the point? .... The point is your overall health!

Don't go beating yourself up for what you have consumed - it is done and can't be UNdone. You CAN however move on and make good inroads but picking yourself up and starting again. This isn't about how many times we fall down - it is about how many times we get back up.

Below are some links which MIGHT help you with your emotional eating issues:

If you STILL find that you are having a problem, you may find it helpful to talk with your Dr and ask for a referral to a Therapist who deals with these sorts of issues. Often there is some baggage which we are carrying around that is the trigger for this sort of eating. By dealing with that baggage, you deal with the eating.

Good luck,

NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/15/13 11:54 P

Uh oh....That's a lot of junk food for someone as small as you. Reese's are my favorite. I know their appeal. At least you recognize your problem.

Are you an emotional eater? Is something stressing you? Could you be eating out of boredom?

Are you tracking your food on here? I know seeing all of the calories I consumed today on my diary made me really think.

ARTGOD Posts: 184
3/15/13 10:48 P

I am on a downward spiral with my emotional eating, i cant stop or resist anything. today i ate about 10 reeses cups, an ice cream bar, and a huge dark chocolate bar, and i could still eat more. I cant stop!! I tell myself i will restart tomorrow but tomorrow comes and i fail again. I feel like it just doesnt matter and so why try. My health is failing anyway, my body seems to be falling apart from the inside out and i just cant find any thing ot be positive about or to hope for. The thing i really hate is i started having all these health problems after i lost weight, which is really depressing! i dont know what to do....grrrrr. i know i should exersize, i know i should just see it as a slip up and i can keep trying, i just feel like whats the point.....

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