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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/18/14 12:33 P

the same thing in my office. I just don't partake. I feel lousy after eating a donut. My body just doesn't respond the way it used to. We will be havng a double celebration this Friday. Three of our Temps are done with their assignment and one had a birthday this past weekend. Someone suggested to bring in a treat. I won't be partaking. I would rather feel good about myself then feeling rundown later in the afternoon.

It was hard at the beginning and it is just as hard now, but now I listen to what my body likes and it doesn't like sweets.

MAXIET Posts: 329
2/18/14 12:28 P

Donuts aren't as bad as you think, muffins are actually worse. When I worked I used to cut my donut in half & have half in the morning & half in the afternoon, with my coffee. Not great but better than two!

2/18/14 11:52 A

What helps me is to think, "Do I really want that? Really?" It would taste good for the moment, but that moment is so very brief. Then what? The switch for *more!* has been flipped. Don't eat it unless you really want to. Sure it tastes good, but it doesn't last long and if you go overboard, then you have that disappointment to deal with for the rest of the day. Think instead of how pround you'll feel at the end of the day if you've done well and avoided the traps and temptations.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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2/18/14 11:32 A

Just think of them as "fat sponges" for today. You won''t want to be eating that.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,301
2/18/14 10:44 A

I'd have to agree that especially in the beginning.... it's easier to just skip those kinds of things. It's like, one is too many (because it can set off an eat-a-rama... "I already messed up my "diet" by eating one doughnut, so I may as well eat a half a dozen and start over tomorrow") and 100 isn't enough. I've found it's easier too if you have healthy choices to snack on, while everyone else is eating half a dozen doughnuts. And focus on, it's not a "diet", I'm making healthy choices. With my co-workers-- when they'd urge me to eat "just a little"... I'd say, well I'm just trying to make healthier choices, so I'll eat this apple or these strawberries that I brought. It's helpful if you plan to take to work with you, things you truly enjoy eating, that are healthy choices.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/18/14 9:33 A

The work situation can be tough...

I think it's easier to just avoid those kinds of things if you can't control yourself around them.

Don't ever bring stuff like that into your house to begin with. Don't buy it at all.

For today, if you think you will not be able to stop at one doughnut, don't have any.

It's gonna take will power. Trust me, you will feel amazing if you don't have any, and exert *your* power over food!!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/18/14 9:31 A

Ok well... think of it like, what if you were scheduled to go for some bloodwork right after work, and were supposed to have fasted for at least 8 hours ahead of time or it will ruin the results.

You'd *somehow* manage to get through the day, right? So you *do* have the willpower and control that it takes, to make the decision.

I agree that (especially early on, when we're in the process of trying to break old habits and make new ones) it is often easier to abstain completely. It's easier to say "no thank you" to all of it, than to have one bite and try to stop.

MYKIDSMOM1994 Posts: 22
2/18/14 9:19 A

Today a birthday celebration for a co worker means donuts galore......I also have an evil voice that says it's ok to eat candy when it's bite size ....conversation hearts & andy bit size candy.....but I end up eating most of the continence...I can't eat just 1.....I have to set my mind to cold turkey. If I eat 1 I'll eat them till they are gone so I won't be tempted. HELP I have no control!!!

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