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9/17/13 8:36 A

I have a fitbit and I loved it when I was jogging for exercise as a double check on what I thought I was doing.

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9/17/13 8:04 A

I have a BodyMedia and love it. It's similar to what you're using. I love how it tracks my steps and sleep. I have basically learned I sleep horribly! And I am working on sleeping better.

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9/16/13 5:49 P

i am arthritic so i have difficulty staying motivated but i can say that i ordered myself and fitbit and its pretty easy to deal with. it syncs with your computer . you charge it on the show steps and calories and gives an encoraging shout out once daily. you can go online and do challenges etc...i have the more expensive one but i find that the cheaper one would have sufficed. the most expensive one monitors movement while you sleep which i've only used a couple times.i am not getting paid in any way to say these things. i just want to share since i've tried other things that i was'nt at all happy with, and this one i love!

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