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6/29/11 11:25 P

Great questions and appreciated the answers. My son is 4.5 yrs old and seems very hyper. His preschool teacher wants to have him evaluated for ADHD already. Seems worth it to try the healthier foods to see how he behaves.

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6/29/11 9:54 A

My son is 5 yrs. old and also has adhd. I think that diet plays a part in any health issues that we all face. I've thought about trying one of these diets but how do you get your child to comply? It MIGHT be easier with small children because we can control what they eat but what about older children? I think this is a tricky one.

KAZYRED Posts: 11
6/27/11 11:30 P

Thanks for the info!! I will check into it:)

DANIELIS Posts: 49
6/25/11 1:00 A

You (and the OP) might like to have a look into the Failsafe diet, there is a lot of information freely available on the site including a list of the "nasty additives" by both chemical name and number. I am working on eliminating those chemicals from my diet (some of the preservatives are hard to avoid! Mainly 202). My SIL has fully implemented the diet and is finding it works both in the behaviour of her children, particularly her second son (she has 4, 3 boys one girl) as well as helping greatly with her own depression, and with physical symptoms (eczema with 2 kids, digestive issues). The diet is based on one recommended by one of the major Sydney hospitals in their asthma and allergy unit (it's probably Royal Prince Alfred, or else Royal North Shore - they are both major research hospitals).

Much of the info on the website is about Australian products/labelling laws etc, but much is international, and there is a yahoo group for USA followers to chat/share info/organise meetings etc.

Oh, and one PP stated that all dyes are synthetic, when they aren't - natural tumeric has a very mild flavour (unnoticible in rice, for example) but gives a lovely yellow, as does the synthetic tartrazine; and cochineal is derived from crushed beetles, not petrochemicals. There are more, but I'll limit things here. While I believe the synthetic chemicals are the most likely to be harmful, many naturally-occurring elements and compounds can be harmful too (and some people can be quite sensitive to some chemicals that others aren't, no matter what the origin of that chemical is...)

KAZYRED Posts: 11
6/24/11 4:23 P

I found a website for the feingold diet! It looks like it might be established by the FDA but I haven't had a chance to look at it closely yet. Good Luck to anyone interested in it.

KAZYRED Posts: 11
6/23/11 5:53 P

I am interested in finding a list of foods with dyes in them. I heard that they don't need to put dyes on the label. I have 3 kids my 11 year old has ADHD, my 8 yr old was just put on medicine for ADD due to trouble with grades, and I have a 7 yr. old who is doing ok so far.
I've done a few quick searches for more information and haven't come up with anything yet. What is the Feingold diet?

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AJB121299 Posts: 13,582
7/1/10 12:36 P

this all seems very helpful

4EVERTRYN Posts: 253
6/30/10 1:47 P

Have you ever heard of the Feingold Diet? It is designed for children with behavorial problems. It believes that most of the behavorial issues children are exhibiting today are the result of chemicals that have been added to foods, cleaners and other household items. Supposedly, 90% of the children who use this diet have great results. I haven't used it but knew a lady who did. It is worth researching if you are in need. AM

WOLVESAD1 Posts: 9
6/30/10 10:17 A

Son is Aspergers. We also went through the adhd, ocd, and tics disorder dx first. So many kids are being dx this now....scary.
As far as food, we tried eliminating hfcs, dyes, preservatives, etc. But it is difficult to do. They are in everything!!!! We really try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with lean meat and read labels. We also have a small garden. Try to stay away from packaged foods and sodas. They are the worst.

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6/28/10 9:50 A

Diet has a lot to do with how our kids respond period. All the sugar, salt, dyes and other additives are just plain aweful for all of us not just our children. Think back to when your mother fed you, but of course most of our food was grass fed not chemically induced breeding like today.

Peace and Love

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,682
6/23/10 10:58 A

"I think it's not just a way that children with ADHD should be eating, but the way all of our children should be eating! "

So true... and us adults too!

6/23/10 10:46 A

A family we are friends with has a small boy with ADHD. They went to great efforts to rid his diet of preservatives and dyes, filling him with lots of fruits and vegetables. The change in him was nothing short of INCREDIBLE. He went from a problem child to a model child in weeks. I couldn't believe the difference.

I think it's not just a way that children with ADHD should be eating, but the way all of our children should be eating! :)

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,682
6/23/10 10:37 A

"And food dye is made from petroleum "

All dyes are made of synthetic chemicals... SOME of which are petroleum based.

NORDAKOTA Posts: 696
6/23/10 9:48 A

I do. DS1 has ADHD and Aspergers. Some people swear by eliminating milk/eggs/wheat. We never could successfully do that. Others swear by the Feingold Diet. That is more user-friendly for our family and I think it does help. Basically, this eliminates food dyes and preservatives from the diet. You would be amazed what has food dye in it! And food dye is made from petroleum which can cause neuro damage. Hope this helps!

LIVERLOO Posts: 70
6/23/10 8:20 A

I have a 12 yr old son diagnosed with adhd/mild autisim the "experts" cannot really make up thier mind. What i wondered is if anyone else out there has a child in similar cirmcumstance and what if anything i could do to assist him food wise?

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