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2/12/12 3:19 P

I love Doterra. I just got my kit in the mail and have used it on every one in my family, even my skeptical Husband, and he said it made him feel better. I got the big book about the oils, it is under $20 and worth every penny.

I love how they make me feel and what I have seen them do for my family.

I sleep better and am in a better mood and my kids sleep better also.

I think you will enjoy doterra. It is very worth it.

Plus if you have any questions feel free to ask! (since I have the Big Book!! :)

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/23/12 12:04 P

Why not just eat the foods that contain the same "essential oils?" It would be a *lot* less expensive, if nothing else.

If you enjoy the taste, I don't see it being dangerous. It's just a blend of oils from foods, after all. However, the claims that it lifts mood, curbs appetite etc are dubious at best. They don't claim that their blend is any better than real foods, but they are also very careful to point out that their blend is proprietary, as if *implying* that you can't get the benefits elsewhere. Please note the disclaimer that none of their claims are FDA-reviewed or approved.

It seems harmless, but expensive for what you get. If you enjoy it, enjoy it. But don't expect any magical results. ;)

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SAHASARA Posts: 358
1/23/12 11:54 A

Has anyone tried any of the doTerra products? I have tried the aromatherapy massage and slim&sassy and they make me feel amazing but just curious if anyone else has.

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