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THENEWK8 Posts: 237
4/14/10 6:20 A

All I ever do are 10 minute dance workouts, they're call "10 Minute Solutions". I've lost weight doing those 3 or 4 times a week

VICD25 Posts: 1,977
4/13/10 11:05 P

I think they are a good substitute if you are going to miss a workout, but I really need 60min to lose weight. I'm hoping I will need less to maintain once I'm at goal

4/13/10 10:53 P

I believe that every movement counts. I started to wear a pedometer at work and found out that I walk over 3000 steps and 1.49 mile each day, and for me this counts even if it is not all at the same time.

HERE2BME Posts: 2,461
4/13/10 7:09 P

Thank you all very much. Maybe I can get to where I can do a couple of them in a row. Also, going to try to get on board with the C25K program. Downloaded it today!

BLESSONAB Posts: 575
4/13/10 7:04 P

For sure it does.

MYDECROSE30 SparkPoints: (590)
Fitness Minutes: (22,774)
Posts: 1,522
4/13/10 6:17 P

Sometimes all you have is a few minutes to spare. Better to spend them getting in some exercise and burning calories. Doing nothing with your extra minutes would be wasting your time.

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
Fitness Minutes: (21,680)
Posts: 1,441
4/13/10 4:09 P

Work for what? For losing 10 pounds a week? Definitely not. For getting you in the habit of doing some exercise every day? Absolutely. For engaging you with exercise that's fun? Also absolutely!

For some people, a 5 minute workout is extremely challenging, and is the exact right place for them to start. For other people, it's not challenging at all, and wouldn't help their fitness goals. There's no one size fits all for exercising. That said, I think the goal for most people is to progress beyond doing only one 10 minute video per day. 10 minutes of cardio is better than nothing, but 30 minutes is better than 10.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
4/13/10 3:28 P

Actual scientific studies show they work. I have seen nothing negative about it. Works great for me.

RUBY926 Posts: 142
4/13/10 3:28 P

I am doing Coach Nicole's fit firm and fired up which consists of 7 10 minute sessions and also has a 15 minute cardio workout. It is great for someone just starting out on an exercise plan or someone who has small bits of time to exercise. For me it is just a way to try to commit to something on a daily basis. It is working well for me.

HERE2BME Posts: 2,461
4/13/10 3:01 P

Thank you all everyone. I just like to do these sometimes when I don't feel like getting on the treadmill. I guess I won't give them up. One of them kicked my butt yesterday!

4/13/10 2:52 P

Like others said, anything is better than nothing. The real key is making sure you get your heartrate up during that time if you really want to maximize the time and not feel like you're wasting it.

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
4/13/10 2:46 P

First of all, ANYTHING is better than nothing. So if your choice is either a 5 minute workout or sitting on the couch, then yes! They're GRRREEEAAATTT! If you have lots of fat to lose, then obviously, longer cardio sessions are going to benefit you.

NGANYWA2009 Posts: 242
4/13/10 2:36 P

Intesity is Key here. You can do high intesity cardio in 10 minutes that is a killer.....

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,013)
Fitness Minutes: (299,018)
Posts: 27,318
4/13/10 2:32 P

Online Now  • ))
A person doesn't need to feel sore (DOMS) after a workout in order to get a good workout. Cardiologists will tell you that taking a 30 minute brisk walk each day will reduce your risk for heart disease by over 30 %. Not bad for a 30 minute walk.

Anything you do to make your life more active is good. You don't have to kill yourself in the gym to be healthy. Doing 5,10 or even 15 minute workouts spaced out during the day does make a difference.

Exercise isn't just about how many calories we burn in X amount of time. There are far more benefits to your health. As I mentioned earlier, taking a 30 minute walk each day can reduce your risk for heart disease. Taking a walk can also reduce your risk for osteoporosis because it's a weight bearing exercise.

We exercise to reduce our stress. have some fun as well as make our daily lives less sedentary and more active. Doctors will tell you that being sedentary is what is killing more Americans these days.

So, do what you can to start. small steps. Your endurance will increase with time and practice.

4/13/10 2:28 P

I have always been told they weren't good but can't really state a reason why. SOmething has got to be better than nothing.

4/13/10 2:27 P

I don't think you're wasting your time. Any activity is better than no activity. The question is, are you MAXIMIZING your time. For me, I'd rather spend a good 45 minutes sweating like crazy with a really intense workout, then shower, then get on with the rest of my day than do a couple short routines here and there.

Ask yourself this with ANY exercise routine. Is it challenging you? Are you getting something out of it? Do you see any results, whether in weight, inches, stamina, or endurance? If the answer is no, then it's time to try a different approach.

NKHARRIS329 Posts: 659
4/13/10 2:26 P

I don't think you are wasting your time. Even if you only work out for 5, 6, or 10 min at a time you are burning calories and building muscle.

If at all possible I would try to increase the total amount of time you work out during the day. If you can only spend 10 min here and 10 min there, do two 10 min sessions. The more 10 min sessions you do, the better.

LOVETORUN9 Posts: 205
4/13/10 2:21 P

This is my question also! I think that little amounts of exercise really do add up and help us, but personally, I don't feel sore or worked out from the shorter videos.

HERE2BME Posts: 2,461
4/13/10 2:20 P

I have read some negativity about the few minute workouts. I have done a few, like them, but don't want to waste my time. Am I?

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