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7/28/08 8:07 P

The issue is that strength exercises (including sit-ups) build muscle, but do not burn fat.

Now a strong core is good for posture and balance, and helps a lot of your other exercise. But doing hundreds of sit-ups or crunches isn't going to reduce belly fat.

Strength training in general helps boost the metabolism and burn more calories every day, but is not a fast track to losing weight in any specific part of the body.


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7/28/08 3:50 P

Crunches are overrated. If your goal is fat loss, concentrate on exercises that burn more calories like Squats, Lunges, Presses, Rows, etc.

To work your core, things like Planks, Side Planks, Mountain Climbers, Spiderman Climbs, Stability Ball Jackknives are far superior to crunches.

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7/28/08 3:10 P

Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to have any significant amount of fat under muscle. Muscles are ALWAYS next to the bones because that's what it's connected to and just get bigger where they are when you do strength training. Your major fat stores are pretty much ALWAYS just under the skin. You lose and gain from there, never anywhere else. So, doing crunches will increase the size of the muscles, which are under the fat. The fat will stay the same. When you lose the fat, you'll be able to see the muscles that have been hiding under it.

Mind you, not all fat is stored just under the skin, it's also used throughout the body to cushion organs and such. But the fat we don't want and are trying to lose through our weight loss plans is the stuff under the skin.

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7/28/08 2:04 P

Crunches will build a bit of muscle but not much. The abdominals are a small muscle group that won't grow much. The muscle you build will be under the fat. Lose the fat,and you will be able to see that muscle, which will give you the "toned" look. By the way you don't build lean muscle, muscle is just muscle.

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7/28/08 1:58 P

emoticon I'm sorry, I had to laugh when I read this. That is definitely a myth. You can do crunches, it'll help build lean muscle, and with the addition of cardio exercise can reduce your fat.

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7/28/08 1:37 P

ab exercises build muscle UNDER the fat, not over.

If you don't eat a healthy diet or do adequate cardio, the muscles will never show through (have definition)

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7/28/08 1:33 P

I have heard mixed comments about doing crunches and sit upts. I have heard that if you do sit ups when you still have fat over your abs, muscle will build over the fat, making the fat harder to lose. I think this is a myth but it's been stopping me from doing crunches. does anyone know the anser?

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