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5/31/13 8:29 P

I'm so glad I read this post! I didn't realize my fitness goals were linked to my daily caloric target. I adjusted mine based on what my actual fitness is (lately less than my goal) and I am over eating!

5/31/13 5:41 P

Thanks for the reply! I actually didn't even realize it was an option to change things like that until now! It did change my ranges, not too much but a bit. I can eat a few more carbs and fat in my upper limits, though I'll try to keep the on the lower end of the scale if I can.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,911
5/31/13 12:18 P

My suggestion would be to update your calories burned goal to reflect the amount of activity you're doing. Depending on how significant the change is, it might not even change your calorie range. But at least you'll know for sure that your range is based on accurate information.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

5/31/13 10:29 A

So I am keeping with my calorie range, but I'm really enjoying working out regularly and sometimes for about an hour a few times a week. This puts me over the recommended minutes and calories burned. My calorie range is 1490-1840...but so far this week I have burned 1050 calories out of 810 and done 199 minutes out of 180, but come the end of Saturday it will be more than that. I'm not really hungry or anything, and I'm getting most of my nutrients (except potassium and sometimes magnesium is hard but not always). Should I be eating more calories though because of the workouts? I'm thinking it's fine the way it is, since I feel good and am getting what I need, but I'm just wanting to make sure there won't be repercussions later or something.

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