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2/22/13 6:47 A

I agree that if you are weighing raw you need to use raw nutrition info. If you do not have the info from the package has most USDA raw info.

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2/22/13 5:44 A

I got the nutritional info for cooked AND raw meat, so unless I am having a roast or similar, I just record the raw meat's weight. Because our meats (names of cuts and fat content) are often different to SP's I contacted our meat board and they sent me REAMS of info re various cuts, so I could put it into my favourites.

When I make casseroles, I weigh all of the raw meat and then when it is cooked, I containerize them into single-serves sizes for the freezer. I divide the meat weight by the number of serves and THAT is what I record.

Hope you can understand, because sometimes I am clear as mud - LOL!

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2/22/13 5:39 A

How do I calculate the difference between raw meat that I can wiegh with the cooked meat which I sometimes cant weigh ? For example if I put 4 oz raw chicken in a stir fry how much cooked meat would I record? Another example If I put 4 oz raw beef in a casserole how much cooked meat would I record?

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