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Hi Jo!! The motivation i can help with..the diet, i would suggest you post on the nutrition thread and i'm sure one of the coaches can help!!!
You have alot to deal with, and i applaud your for getting on track and going the healthy route!!!!

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8/1/11 2:19 P

I am looking for motivation! and answers!
I would love to find some support for my issues that have seemed to stifle my dieting and in turn kill my motivation.

Here's my story in a quick nutshell. I have been diagnosed with chronic microscopic colitis for the past 18 months now and see no end in sight. The condition really limited me in the beginning where I was really pretty much unable to leave the house due to the many emergency trips to the bathroom. My GI and I tried many prescriptions before we found that the treatment that seems to hold everything at bay (for the most part) and enable me to live my life and work (for the most part) is a combination of steroids (Endocort) and lomotril. The problem is that I don't really like being on the steroids, but without them I can't do anything outside of a 10 foot radius of a bathroom. The steroids have contributed to weight gain, lethargy, sweats, etc. The colitis still flares up especially in the morning and when I am active. The first 30-45 minutes in the morning are touchy as I find that as soon as I start moving around I start to cramp and have to head to the bathroom sometimes several times. If I try any exercise (even walking) I am running to the bathroom in the first 10 minutes. I got a treadmill to help with this, but I can't get more than 10-20 minutes of walking without an emergency trip to the bathroom. Then I endure a bout of cramping and then exhaustion.

All that is to give a picture of what I am dealing with presently. And this is considerably better than it was in the past several months. So, that describes a good day.

So, my question is about diet. I have repeatedly asked my GI doctor about a specific diet that would help me. I am looking for something that would calm the digestive system as well as help with weight loss. He has shared with me every time that this condition has nothing to do with the selection of foods I am eating it is more about the fact that my colon doesn't process anything (regardless of what it is) correctly. The research I have done seems to support that theory as well.

Does anyone have any ideas of a good GI diet (calming) and good nutrition as well?

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