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On SP you will see ranges for your protein, fat and carbs and you will also find a pie chart.
The pie chart is for folks who like a "picture" and we use a middle of the road approach for this picture. However---as long as your are within the ranges (which are much wider), it is considered healthy. So see where you feel best within the range---evaluate your energy level, ability to intensely exercise, your weight loss, as well as your food preferences and food availability. This will help to determine what is "best" for you.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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10/18/13 4:57 P

found it thank for the information

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When you are on your Nutrition Page, click on "See today's full report" (right side of that page and near the bottom) - you will be taken to another page with a pie chart of the recommended % of fats/protein/carbs and what you actually consumed. YOUR pie chart doesn't have to be exact, just something like it is recommended.

Good luck,

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what portion of fat carbs and protein should i have i see on the traker carbs almost a little over half the other close to equal

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