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5/6/13 8:29 A

Thanks, Jen, that's basically I've been doing, and it's a lot of help to know when I'm on track for calories, carbs, etc. Plus, when I get my foods entered into favorites it'll be a lot faster. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something else.
Thanks so much for your fast response, and have a great day! emoticon

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5/6/13 8:19 A

Welcome to the site! We don't offer wheat-free meal plans, so your option would be to customize the plan to eliminate that, or just track your own foods. If you track your own, you'll still be able to compare how you're doing to your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

LIMEYYANK SparkPoints: (849)
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5/6/13 7:27 A

Hi, I just joined last Wednesday, so I'm still blindly wading around here, but I have a problem because I'm diabetic so I have the diabetic meal plan, but I also don't eat wheat, so lots of things on the plan don't work for me. I've tried to figure out how to go back and put the wheat free part in, but have not been able to. Hoping someone can help.

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