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IJOANIE Posts: 351
12/14/12 8:09 P

I just realized it is after I exercise.
I checked Blood sugar, and it was 127.
Now I recall the problem.But not the solution.
When I exercise my BS drops low. and so my body makes an effort to correct itself, but it overshoots and then elevates.
Of course 127 is not bad but doing this made me recall the problem. I always have to eat before or during exercise, I think.

I have not been diagnosed with diabetes, but my mother is diabetic so I know how to use the meters.
I will have to research this and discuss with my doctor.

IJOANIE Posts: 351
12/14/12 4:49 P

I am going to pay more attention to when exactly it happens. thank you all

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12/14/12 2:09 P


I was thinking you might be dehydrated, because nausea can be a sign of dehydration. But, you said you're drinking 8 glasses of water each day.

Depending on how drastically you cut certain food items from your diet, the nausea could be a with drawl symptom. I know when I tried to cut out Diet Coke, I had the worst head aches. They lasted a couple of weeks until my body adjusted to the change.

Also, if you weren't really eating a lot of high fiber foods before and now you are, your body could be reacting to the fiber. I know that people who eat veggies tend to be gassy until their body adjusts.

Of course, maybe you ate something that didn't agree with you. Even healthy foods can be contaminated with salmonella or some other food poisoning. tainted cantaloupes and scallions were both causes of e.coli related deaths. So, some of your upset tummy problems could be mild food poisoning.

See how you feel in a couple of days. Whenever my tummy is upset, I have a cup or two of English Breakfast tea. I find the dark, mature teas help my stomach. but you might prefer a nice cup of herbal tea too.

If your stomach still feels "off", give your doctor a call, just to be safe.

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12/14/12 9:05 A


Yes, try eating every 3-4 hours and adding some protein and if that doesn't work, most definitely contact your doc.

Protein will help stabilize your blood sugar levels better than carbs and same is true eating more frequently.

Coach Nancy

IJOANIE Posts: 351
12/14/12 9:03 A

Hi coach Nancy.Thank You.
Yes, no, no
I am eating within the range, no to protein at every meal, no to eating every 3/4 hours.

I can try those things.
If it continues , I will call the doctors office.

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12/14/12 8:55 A


Are you eating within your calorie range? Are you eating every 3-4 hours? Are you eating some protein at every meal/snack? How long does the nausea last?

You may want to contact your doc's office and see if his/her nurse has any explanation as he/she is most familiar with you and your medical situation.

Coach Nancy

IJOANIE Posts: 351
12/14/12 8:41 A

The last two days I have been feeling a little nauseous. Though i had been eating the correct number of calories, I moved to getting them from healthier source. And my weight loss has once again picked up, which i feel good about, but i also have a bit of nausia. Has anyone else experienced this?
I am not pregant , am drinking 8 water a day.
I am wondering if this could be from by body getting rid of junk stored in it(detox)
Has anyone else experienced this?

I have no other signs of flu or illness. just this little bit of nausea.

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