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1/23/12 7:05 P

Actually, it's pretty common for your muscles to retain water when you start/increase your level of working out. It takes 3 water molecules to bond to each glycogen molecule, and this helps deliver energy to your muscles more efficiently, and helps them cope better with the new demands you are making of them.

In the short term, this added lean mass can lead to little change or even an increase in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

However, muscle and water are considerably denser than fat, and typically this shows up as inches lost, even if the scale is being unco-operative. The tape is often a much better means of tracking your progress than the scale. And if you haven't been measuring to date, are you noticing your clothes fitting better?


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1/23/12 3:19 P

It sounds like you're doing the right things. It's probably a combination of building muscle and water retention. I stepped up my workouts again at the beginning of the year and had to ignore the scale until just this week. It was jumping all over the place, in some cases higher than where I started! It takes a while for your body to adjust, but it will. Try not to get discouraged. emoticon

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Do you feel fully recovered from the previous workouts before starting a new one? If you are not fully recovered, your body may be holding too much water. Take proper rest days. I stopped losing at one point because I was working out every day. I started to take 2 rest days a week, now it seems I am losing again.

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how much do you currently weigh? is 2000 cals your given spark range?

most likely though, you just need more time. Most people take between 6-8 weeks to lose their first pound.

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so i have been on a diet and exercise routine since the new year. i eat 2000 calories a day. roughly 170 grams of protein 147g carbs 78g fat. i do a dumbbell workout m,w,f, and HIIT sprints t,t,s, also i do 20 min of easy cardio after a lift. i take a scoop of whey before and after my workouts also 1/3 cup of white rice after. im 6 foot. starting weight jan 1st 225. jan 9th 221 jan 16 223 jan 23 224. i drink lots of water also. i also have a big frame and i am athletic. what am i doing wrong am i putting on muscle? prior to this i was pretty sedentary.

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