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3/23/12 7:31 A

Food selection can be a confusing world. Especially since there are some very restrictive eating plans, such as the Paleo one you mentioned.

Just get back to the basics with lean meats, beans, legumes, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lowfat dairy or alternative milk. If you are looking for meal plan ideas; then make sure your SP meal plans are "turned on". If you need the steps for this, just let me know. You can always make substitutions with these meal plans too. Track your food intake and try to stay within your calorie range daily.

SP Dietitian Becky

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3/23/12 3:10 A

I have the same problem for some time now, but I'm working on it baby steps.
You said you eat a lot of bread- try to substitute for the healthier versions.
I believe that at the beginning of the diet, the important thing is to try to substitute unhealthy food for the healthier option. You probably know the basics: skip the mayo on the salad, skip the fries that come with the burger etc etc.

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3/23/12 3:07 A

when i dint know much on diet,i was better really confused abt how much to eat of what...many ppl are happy on a paleo diet,but not me :/

3/22/12 3:00 P

Let's start with the basics since weight loss is 80% based on what you eat.
Are you weighing and measuring your foods?
Are you tracking your foods in the SP nutrition tracker?
Would you like to make your tracker public, so we can give more helpful suggestions.
SP Dietitian Becky

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3/22/12 2:27 P

How long has this been happening for? Focus on small changes to your diet; ie. eating a piece of fruit with each meal, eating out only once a week, drinking 8 glasses of water/day. Smaller goals like that are both easier to accomplish and you're more likely to stick with them. One thing I've found that helps me is to not keep bad food in my house; I have a sweet tooth and very rarely do my husband & I have candy in the house because I'll eat it if it's there. Empty your house of all trigger foods.

3/22/12 1:26 P

I don't know what's my problem...i have this mindset of all or nothing i guess....i workout really really hard at the gym with hiit on alternate days and intense fast paced weight training on other days and an hour walk every morning....but on the diet front,im diet is damn high in bread and all..past 2 days ive eaten lunch out,which was masala dosa and vadas...its like..i feel terrible about it but at the same time ive been too strict with myself i guess...dunno where to draw the line with moderation abt diet and exercise...and i read that hiit makes one get sugar cravings....its all a bummer and i feel i dont have a way out...btw this wrkout regimen leaves me exhausted with no strength to do anything else,..dont think thats a good sign... :/...........any advice wud be appreciated...feel depressed abt this huge paunch...i went to a clothes shop today and looked terrible in all the tops... emoticon

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