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1/17/12 1:01 P

That's almost exactly the same thing I eat for breakfast emoticon

I do a whole wheat english muffin, natural peanut butter and a yogurt on the side. I do throw in an extra banana (I liked it sliced on top of my english muffin so it's like an open faced peanut butter and banana sandwich). The whole thing comes to about 400-450 calories depending on the brand of muffins and the weight of the banana, gives me a good boost in the morning and some much-needed protein. It is a little high on the carb side with the fruit added (I balance it out with a lower carb lunch most days), but I find it's a nice, balanced breakfast for me and something I can easily throw together at work.

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1/17/12 10:19 A


Most of us need between 5 and 9 servings of fruits and veggies per day to help us meet the daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and fiber. If you can do so later in the day, than you it doesn't matter. However if you find that this may be a challenge, you may want to add some fruit into your morning meal. It's really up to you.

As the saying goes..."Five is fine, but nine is divine" other words, the more fruit and veggies we can consume, the healthier our diets will be.

Coach Nancy

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1/17/12 10:12 A

i ate breakfast this morning but i dont know if i ate enough. i ate peanut butter with english muffin and a yogurt. should i have had a fruit with that?

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