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PIA2000 Posts: 77
7/20/10 12:16 P

We are heading for the Greek island of Cyprus exactly one year from today! emoticon We live and work in UAE , but come from Ireland and Lebanon, so Cyprus is a nice alternative!

2MCHCHKLIT Posts: 4,011
7/18/10 10:18 P

Reef Resort Cayman Islands.....perfect

7/13/10 10:53 A

I'm getting married at Secrets Maroma Beach in Mexico next year. is a great website with tons of information!

7/12/10 5:05 P

I got destination weddings for Dummys, sounds bad I know, but it's been an awesome resource!

7/12/10 9:55 A

Hi Ladies - we are doing a DW in RivieraMaya in November! The knot destination wedding book didnt really help, I have been getting a TON of help from the best destination wedding forum website :)

MYTMIDGET8 Posts: 41
7/6/10 10:25 P

I saw that you said you bought the destination wedding book by the knot. Do you like it? Has it given you any good advice. I'm also trying to plan a destination wedding. I was going to get married in the summer of 2011 but financially I think we are looking more at Summer 2012. If I find any great websites I'll let you know.

NUGGLES20 Posts: 2
7/5/10 10:18 P

we are from MI and decided to have ours in Gatlinburg, TN at a place called pine top lodge.. It is in September 2010 so the fall colors will be starting and we will have mountain views surrounding us.. we love to vacation there so we thought this would be a great way to get our family and friends to love it too..

NUGGLES20 Posts: 2
7/5/10 10:17 P

we are from MI and decided to have ours in Gatlinburg, TN at a place called pine top lodge.. It is in September 2010 so the fall colors will be starting and we will have mountain views surrounding us.. we love to vacation there so we thought this would be a great way to get our family and friends to love it too..

KIM_POSSIBLE77 Posts: 1,724
6/29/10 3:58 P

We are going to Vegas for ours...We decided that the money we will save on a package will be used to a nice honeymoon. It also is about the middle for both our family's. I couldn't have just one side of the family being the only ones that could come because of living in that area. This is both our 2nd marriage and we feel that it is all about us and our kids.

6/17/10 9:37 P

Thanks Yogabelle,
Like I said, I can't please everyone and really this is mine and my husband's special day. It was thoughtful of you to even invite them. I don't know if giving them a gift is a good idea, looks like you are bribing them. If your "friends" haven't called you by now, maybe it's time to move on.

YOGABELLE Posts: 735
6/15/10 6:33 P

Thanks are a classy lady and understanding. They have not returned my calls. I want to give them a gift at a lunch perhaps....that is if they ever call me. The wedding is coming up in August of 10.

LOEDJA Posts: 750
6/15/10 11:01 A

Hi guys, I am from South Africa and my HTB from Canada. We are living and working in the UAE at the moment. We are going back and forth on the idea of a destination wedding to try and accomodate both families. It is very expensive on this grand international scale. Not sure how we are going to do it yet. Thank you for the website link here and all the other info.

6/4/10 10:52 A

that's a shame that they took it so hard. If anything, they should understand. I invited some friends and they can't make it. I didn't make them feel bad.

YOGABELLE Posts: 735
5/15/10 10:45 A

I just Rsvp'd NO to a destination wedding in August 2010. The couple seems mad at me? Very mean they were.

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
5/3/10 12:39 P

Thanks for the comments and ideas....they're definitely helping me!

5/3/10 9:12 A

I am getting married in Key West May 30th. We chose a destination that was not too difficult to get to, since my mom doesn't step foot on an airplane. We are getting married on the public beach (since the resorts were WAY out of our price range)which allows guests to stay wherever they want. Some guests are flying and some are driving, depending on where they're from. Also, getting married on a holiday weekend helps guests with travel time, and some have even decided to stay 2-3 extra days after we leave for the honeymoon.

Good luck with your planning!

TENNYTC Posts: 1
5/1/10 5:27 P

Congrats on your engagement!!! I'm also having a destination wedding in Jamaica next April. I was quoted $3k per couple for a 1 week stay at a 5 star all inclusive resort. I think that's do able. You should check You will get a lot of information there from past and future brides. emoticon

PAYDAY10 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,177
4/5/10 6:13 P

Branson, Missouri = Caves exploration, Music, theaters, ethnic foods, boating, skiing, fishing, many hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, camp sites and tours.

4/5/10 5:52 P

Even though I am not a new bride, I had a destination wedding 20 years ago to my home-state of Ohio. Majority of my friends still live there and so were my parents and hubby's family and friends. We only live in New Jersey so it wasn't a big deal to anyone, cost wise. The only ones who had to spend more were from the ones from Canada. This year, we are renewing our vows in Vegas. We invited people who have a bigger possibility of making it. We have a few friends in the west coast. Just remember, even though you want all your friends to come and you want to please them, it is still your special day.

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
4/2/10 10:33 P

thanks! I didn't consider the idea that guests who wouldn't be up for a weeklong trip might be able to do a 3 or 4-day trip....hmmmm....Thanks for all the input, guys!

4/1/10 3:22 P

Hey Mag

I'm getting married in November in Negril, Jamaica. I worked with a travel agent (Steve with Beach Bum Vacations) and I set a price point I wanted my guests to be in. For a 3 day stay (all inclusive) it is $450pp that doesn't include airfare since it is always changing.


NICEMT Posts: 11
3/31/10 10:42 P

I live in Minnesota but am originally from Northern California. We've decided to have our wedding on a beach (or overlooking the beach) in Lake Tahoe. Cost-wise, I think it will be considerably less than an all inclusive. However, since you're planning so far ahead, I think if you send out your save-the-date cards early, that should give people plenty of time to plan!

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
3/31/10 10:12 P

Thanks. I'm trying to think about it from a guest's perspective - I don't want to set something up and then put my guests in an uncomfortable financial position!


YOGABELLE Posts: 735
3/31/10 8:22 P invited to two this year. One the cost is 1000 pp. The other one is 1200 pp. Not sure with this economy if I can go to either. I know it will cause problems but job is at risk, Bella

Both are in the caribbean.

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
3/31/10 3:41 P

Hi all,

I just bought an awesome book by The Knot called "The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings"! I'm so excited and have already read the first few chapters!

I'm not getting married til Spring 2012, but I've started to do my research so that we're organized when we start making plans. Question for anyone curerently planning or who has attended a destination wedding - if you're getting married at an all-inclusive resort in the caribbean, what kind of $$ should you expect your guests to pay, considering resort and flight?

Thanks for any and all input!


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