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6/30/14 5:11 A

i want a buddy

RYNEBERG23 Posts: 69
6/29/14 11:28 P

Hi ladies!

A support system is so important when you're trying to change habits! I found that out first hand a couple years ago with an old relationship. I never stuck to anything because I had no support. But things have definitely changed!

I would be more than happy to be a check-in buddy with all of you, if you're interested. I have a group on Facebook for these specific purposes!

Hope to hear back from you :)

GWYNLEE2 SparkPoints: (34,849)
Fitness Minutes: (734)
Posts: 12,570
6/22/14 7:05 A

hi i will be a buddy -- i need to have a buddy as well

6/20/14 3:39 P

HI Missa

Congratulations on your 10 pound loss!

I was having a problem exercising consistently too. I have a calendar in my bedroom. Each time I do a work out I put a sticker on it --like a blue ribbon sticker to show that I have completed my exercise goal that day. At the end of the month, I can look at the calendar and see how often I have met my goals. Then I get a sense of accomplishment. You can take it further and reward yourself for making two weeks straight by buying yourself something fun. I like to buy fingernail polish as my reward.

I'm still learning this program but I would be glad to be a support buddy. emoticon

MISSA526 Posts: 3,565
6/6/14 6:07 A

I've recently lost close to 10 pounds by due to a medicine that kills my appetite and makes me nauseous whenever I eat. It seems to be lessening each week I take it, which is a big relief! My problem is with consistently exercising. I would love to give and get support. I have no support in my off-line life. emoticon emoticon

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