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4/24/11 9:05 P

not today

4/24/11 7:57 P

I know of 2 ways to get a free gym membership. They don't apply to everybody, though. If you are on Medicare and join a Silver Sneakers class, you get a gym membership. In NY where I lived, if you have a certain supplemental insurance, you get a free YMCA membership. So that would also be for people on Medicare.

If you're too young for Medicare, are there Community Classes, or a similar name, at a community center or YMCA? I went to 6 weeks of Zumba for $20.

Just getting out of the house for a few minutes, even if you walk to the corner and back, is better than staying in. Do it everyday. Your body needs to move, and it doesn't take a gym membership. There are Sparkteams for people who can't go the gym. I've read Sparkpages of people who have done wonders with no gym.

Switching to diet soda would be a great step, if you're drinking soda with sugar. I never liked any diet soda, until I found diet ginger ale. I know, people say diet is bad, too, but think in small steps. I just heard that drinking 2 sugary drinks a day, over a year, increases your chance of getting type 2 diabetes by 26%.

Diabetes can cause you to lose your limbs or your vision.

Sedentary living is as dangerous to your health as smoking is. I don't want to do much, myself, and I understand how you feel. Good luck.

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4/24/11 6:55 A

Put a smile on your face and start a new day

4/24/11 12:35 A

You listed all the things you are not doing and you know exactly what needs fixing. Now it's time for the next steps. First, you have to decide that you want to do this. Without commitment there's no motivation to do the work that it will take to get you to goal. Speaking of goals, that's step two. Write down what you want to accomplish. Make a plan of action. Then, start! Work on one new habit at a time, be patient with the process and with yourself and believe that you can do it.

The results are well-worth the effort...

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4/23/11 12:06 P

I'm sorry you're struggling. I hope you can find the motivation and support you need here. {hugs}

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Hi! I am new to Sparks! But, I just read your message and profile and we have a lot in common. I made you a friend...I think! LOL! I will send you an email!
I hope we can support each other!

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4/23/11 12:30 A

i have not followed thru with watching what i eat or drink, i don't eat alot but i drink lots of sodas. i don't get out and do anything except maybe once or twice a month i go shopping, i have pretty much got where i stay home and play on the computer and watch tv, i dont have alot of energy. i do my housework. i have no motivation, my boyfriend is somewhat handicap with arthritis and lives 2 hours from me and he has even said he thinks i have given up even tho he will still love me. that really hurt when he said it but i need something to get me motivated. i want to knock off atleast 50 lbs to feel better about myself, my daughter and her husband are going to the gym everyday and have lost 40 lbs and i am so proud of them but i don't have the money to go to a gym, i need someone to talk to cause i am not happy. if anyone can help me please feel free to speak up and be my friend and guide me in the right direction. i am going to the beach at the end of june and i hate being heavy again this year. Please help if you can.

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