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3/9/14 3:42 P

Thank you everyone. I am a lot better and appreciate all the good info. My DH has been great with helping me to eat very soft food. I think when your in pain it's hard to think about nutrition. so, he's been a gem.

If anyone knows where I can find stretching exercises for people who can not kneel or sit on your feet I would greatly appreciate it. I'm going to go to the gym with my hubby but I need to stretch and warm up before we go. I don't want to do it there.

Thank you again for your help.

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3/5/14 2:38 P

I encourage you to keep up with the veggie smoothies. Primary smoothie ingredients I like for nutrient content:
raw greens (especially spinach)
raw cruciferous veggies
low sugar fruits (raw or frozen)
plain Greek yogurt
pasteurized liquid eggs
raw almond butter
coconut oil

I encourage pureed soups at room temperature as well.

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3/4/14 9:36 P

You can also puree your food down and put it into a squeezy bottle with a wide enough nozzle and squeeze it into your mouth. I have done this, and also done it with others who had difficulty with eating and not having the strength or ability to suck, re their state of health.

If you want to taste the individual tastes, there is no reason why you can't have 3-4 containers and squirt them in individually.

Good luck,

3/4/14 7:55 P

I thought this might be the case.
Remember that if you puree any foods (soups, casseroles, fruits, veggies) you can thin them to a drinkable state using juices, broth, water, milk, etc.


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3/4/14 7:51 P

My food is suppose to be drinkable. I can't use a straw because of the blood clots. The surgeon said straws suck to hard and I could swallow one and I'd be in worse pain. I think he said it's called a dry socket. I won't be able to use my tongue for a few days. Right now I'm afraid of biting it. Lol Thank you!

3/4/14 7:49 P

You may want to keep on hand, things like:
Carnation Instant Breakfast
OR similar store brand
(these can be consumed at room temp and need no preparation; easy to take to work,keep in the car, etc)


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3/4/14 7:46 P

Thank you Becky!

I normally wouldn't have put veggies in a smoothie but I thought I needed more fiber. I'm not suppose to drink anything too hot or too cold. It seemed like forever to finish it. I appreciate your fast response. Thank you again. If I can drink some other stuff I'll be sure to try it.

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3/4/14 7:03 P

Is this a once a day sort of thing? Or you'll eat one of these for each meal? Once a day does not sound like enough, but 3+ times sounds like a little much (or like you'll get bored of it, especially not liking veggies)

Even if your appointment isn't for a few weeks you should be able to call if you have any concerns and get a satisfactory answer in the meantime...

Also, are you able to have any solids at all? When I had dental work done years ago, I remember eating a lot of scrambled eggs. I couldn't chew them technically, but they were soft enough to sort of mash to the roof of my mouth with my tongue...haha. There are other foods of similar consistency that might work as well (mashed potato, mashed sweet potato, etc). Even soft flaky white fish I ate in this manner within a few days after the procedure.

Good luck!

3/4/14 7:03 P

I am glad you will be talking to your doctor about this more. You should probably call the office to clarify since the visit isn't for 2 weeks.
While it is great that you blenderized your fruits and veggies and used a scoop of protein powder; this is not the only thing you should be including in your diet to meet your nutritional needs.

I am not sure of what your needed consistency is to be (must you be able to drink the mixture, suck through a straw, pudding consistency???) This should be discussed with the doctor.

Realize that most tender, cooked foods will work and can be pureed to the correct consistency.
smoothies made with fruit, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc
puree soups, stews, casseroles, spaghetti, lasagna
puree meatloaf, chicken, beans, etc
puree cooked tender, veggies; puree canned fruits
use mashed potatoes, applesauce, etc

Hope this helps--
Your SP Registered Dietitian

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3/4/14 3:16 P

Hi all,

I'm so new to SP but I didn't see any questions about dental/jaw work and blending your meals. I am having a lot of major dental work done over the next few months. I hate dental work and surgery! Any way, I can not chew food. I had a couple extractions and so I blended my food this morning. I blended 5 servings of veggies with 3 servings of fruit, 2 tbsp of unsweetened almond milk and 1/4 cup of filtered water. Is this ok? I hate vegetables. I can't stand the smell or taste they make me physically sick. (I have tried all my life to like them, no luck) So, I thought since I have to drink my food, I would throw all the greens, broccoli, etc... in my meal. I also added a scoop of vegetable protein powder in it that has lots of vitamins and minerals. Is this ok? I have a doctors appointment in two weeks to discuss this with my doctor but until then will I be ok? My last blood work showed that I do not need supplements so will I be getting enough?

Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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