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5/3/14 3:49 A

cleared the air so that at least i know what the status of that is.
so yeah, thanks Coaches! :)

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5/2/14 6:46 P

I'm glad you were able to have the problem taken care of.

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5/2/14 12:54 P

Thanks for that.

In Jan 2010 I closed my CRICKETRO account; then months later created the KYRSTINRO one. I never wanted to close it but I ran into trouble accessing it after trying to change my email. A friend of mine has asked for help from a SparkCoach in my name - I asked her to - but I didn't know the account has indeed closed.

I kept seeing the photo. But I didn't do anything to ask the coaches why it's still there and assume it must be b/c that account was never closed - as I was not able to log in since Jan 2013.

Thank you a lot for the help!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/2/14 10:39 A

Message board posts remain on the site, but when an account is closed, the SparkPage is turned offline and nobody is able to view that, but if you had a profile photo, that does remain with your message board posts. I went ahead and removed the profile photo from that account, but the account was in fact closed by the user in 2013.

Coach Denise

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5/2/14 2:04 A

Ok, found that via FB (SP page) as well BUT why does it still show up in searches and my photo is still on it? Should I assume the info / photos will be online forever?! aren't those closed when I closed the account? And I actually didn't close it. I tried to change the email address and it didn't work and I couldn't log in wt the new email.

Funny thing though, i didn't want to delete the account. I meant to keep it, that's why I tried to change the email address associated with it.

So better said, how can you delete my photos at least if not all the posts wt that account?

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5/1/14 1:48 P


I show that this account was "userclosed on 2/1/2013"

Be well,

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5/1/14 12:40 P

i tried to find an email to contact someone from SP directly but no luck
here's the deal
I used to have this account: KYRSTINRO
unfortunately when i tried to change my email from one on yahoo to one on gmail i couldn't use the account anymore . i cannot log in at all wt either emails (not to mention my old yahoo email has been closed by me 2 years ago)
anyway, the KYRSTINRO account is still active, wt my photo on it and ppl can actually search and get to my blog via it

how can that account be deleted?! i can provide all info need to prove it's mine. just tell me how to get to talk to a coach

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