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That is a really challenging situation. Today there are a few things that can help - with all the social networking possibilities, you can at least stay in touch. But, it is more than that I would imagine since that sort of leaves you needing to find people to hang around with. Do you work out alone or at a gym? Maybe you can find others at the gym who share something in common with you. Have a PLAN and figure out what you THINK will help you avoid feeling lonely - make a plan and keep tweaking and adjusting it until it starts to work. Having planned snacks and healthy foods available to help avoid the triggers and traps, can be a part of your plan. Finding things to do alone or with new friends make take some time but YOU CAN DO IT.

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I don't know if any one has any tips or suggestions, but...I had ended last year and begun this year really well with my weight loss. Within the first few days of this year, though, most of my friends all of sudden were forced to move at the minimum several hours drive away for work. I also had another friendship end due to his drug use. I am now plateauing and came to the realization that I am having a hard time now with my weight loss because I am grieving over essentially losing the people I hang out with all the time. Does any one have any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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