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4/14/11 11:12 P

Thanks Nancy. I'd luv it if my Drs had answers but they don't. I'm mostly curious if it can be an exercise phenomenon as, since joining SP, I've exercised more than ever in my life. I'll just be patient while the Drs "practice" medicine! emoticon

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4/14/11 9:58 P


While SparkPeople is a great site for support, encouragement and general fitness information, know that our members and experts are not in a position to offer specific advice for questions like this. These types of questions are best asked of your doctor.

I wish you well!

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4/14/11 9:45 P

Anyone else have daily bouts of low blood pressure? Due to my transplant I have been taking my BP twice a day. It's now up to 3 X/day while the docs figure out why mine drops ie to low 90's over high 40 during mid day. Meds have been altered, exercise and diet changes have been applauded. The change in BP did not start after the transplant(04.09) but after a surgery for perforated diverticulitis (06.09). Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks emoticon 's.

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