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9/4/13 9:15 P

I agree that it is unlikely to be the wine's fault.

Try BRAT--bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Tea, yogurt and electrolyte drinks (especially if you have lost a lot of fluids) are good too.

If this lasts much longer you should consider seeing a doctor.

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9/4/13 2:44 P

I very much doubt it's the wine since you drank only an extra glass and you are not unaccustomed to drinking it. You could have a mild stomach virus or a slight case of food poisoning. You can pick up a food-borne illness from almost anything! As the others suggested, try ginger or ginger tea. I also have luck with saltine crackers and dry toast and when I don't feel well. Take it easy, but see your doctor if aren't better within a few days.

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9/3/13 4:11 P

Correlation is not causation.I highly doubt 1 extra glass of wine would do that. Keep up with the fluids and talk to your doctor if it does not subside. I've found ginger tea helpful with minor upsets. Hope you feel better soon.

JNNFR3SMI Posts: 87
9/3/13 3:16 P

you may be right. I saw that the yogurt I like post that they are having some quality control issues- and I did eat that- there was nothing off about what I ate,(bad taste well within the dates etc.) but noting that it could have been food makes more sense than it being an overindulgence in wine- since it has dragged on.

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9/3/13 1:06 P


If you've been drinking 1-2 glasses of white wine each month, then I don't think the problem is the wine. Your body should have adapted. It's possible that you ate something that has upset your tummy. What sorts of foods did you eat along with the wine ? Did the wine taste funny ? wine can go bad, but you should have noticed pretty quickly.

It's possible you may be experiencing some mild food poisoning. Drinking plenty of fluids should help. I find drinking dark black tea straight helps. Do you have any fresh ginger ? Chewing on some fresh ginger can also help settle a wobbly tummy. If your stomach is still upset by tomorrow, call your doctor. An upset stomach shouldn't last longer than a day or two.

If you feel "off", don't try to strength train. You shouldn't try to lift weight when you're feeling fatigued. that puts you at risk for injury. For now, do some light cardiovascular exercise like taking a walk. the fresh air may help. take it easy and if your tummy is still upset tomorrow, definitely talk to your doctor.

JNNFR3SMI Posts: 87
9/3/13 12:29 P

just wondering if anyone has suggestions. I don't drink often- one or 2 glasses a month of wine would be about it. Don't care if you do, but usually don't feel like it myself. Well, Sunday night I was in a good mood and had that big mistake extra glass of white wine. I spent monday not wanting to move, and after a good sleep I thought today would be better. (tuesday) Not so much.
Any suggestions on what I can do to calm my stomach down? 2 days seems excessive to get the alcohol out of my system. Lots of water does not seem to be helping, and I really want to get back to feeling like my normal self-- the one that was enjoying walking/running/and strength training.

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