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2/9/14 8:09 P

Sweets and diet pepsi but am working on both.

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2/9/14 7:53 P

Kris, I agree with the advice below, a dietician is where you need to be. Don't be afraid to get a physician referral and ask for your insurance to support the cost. As well, many insurances have an on staff outreach nurse that can help for referral. God Bless. Hang tough!

2/9/14 7:14 P

Thanks everyone for the advice! I have been in counseling for my eating disorder numerous times but quit because it was not helpful. Have considered seeing a registered dietician to help me get the right balance of nutrients. I'm only 5'2" and small-boned, with an ectomorphic body type. My sister weighs 95 lbs and nobody has ever told her she has an eating disorder. She looks great!

It's hard for me to get enough calories because I feel stuffed pretty quickly. Have started doing more strength training - that should help.

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SHERRYDM Posts: 60
2/9/14 3:02 P

Hard to take advice sometimes, I know, especially if you think we aren't really hearing your concern. I think Coach Jen has given you the way to go, though. emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,003
2/9/14 1:56 P

I agree that Kris has given you some very helpful information. Are you tracking all of the food you're eating? If so, eating so few calories is not healthy. Because you've had issues with food in the past, you might consider talking to a professional who specializes in these types of things. SparkPeople is a great place to get support as you work toward healthy goals, but we're not a replacement for one-on-one, professional help. If you need help finding resources in your area, please let me know and I'd be happy to try and help.

Coach Jen

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
2/9/14 8:37 A

I agree with Slimmerkiwi.

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2/9/14 5:11 A

Well said Slimmerkiwi!

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2/9/14 3:58 A

After having a peek at your Nutrition Tracker I can understand why. You are consistently VERY low in your calories - often considerably under 1000 in a day. You are also often very low in protein.

I see that you belong to an Eating Disorder team, and your current weight is very low.

Rather than try to give you advice as to what you should eat, or not, I strongly suggest that if you haven't already go a Dietitian, that you ask your Dr for a referral to a Registered Dietitian who specializes in these conditions, to ensure that you get the appropriate nutrients you require. I had also noted that you belong to a Vegetarian/vegan team. This can make it even harder to get the nutrients that you require, and the Dietitian will be even more help in this regard.

Also, if you haven't got a Therapist, ask your Dr for a referral to one who specializes in counseling those with Eating Disorders.

Good luck,

DRFOOTWEAR SparkPoints: (2,309)
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2/8/14 11:29 P

Before I lost weight, I was never much of a sweets person, but now I have moments when I really want donuts and/or pastries. Ben and Jerry's ice cream is another craving I get, especially if there is a flavor I haven't tried before. The Cinnamon Bun ice cream is very good.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,175
2/8/14 3:13 P

Bread is one of those things that are simple, affordable, and comfortable, it's no wonder we love it so! I have 2 slices of Sara Lee light 45 cal. a slice bread everyday for lunch, sandwich, because I feel I haven't eaten if I don't have a sandwich at lunch time. At least that kind of bread doesn't add weight, but rolls, biscuits, etc. do. I use the Sara Lee light bread for hot dogs or burger, I toast them for a burger, so it doesn't go soft. Any kind of "bun", whether whole wheat or whatever is always too thick, too much, too filling, etc. Yes, most every dieter mourns the loss of bread in their plan.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,517
2/8/14 1:11 P

like the OP, I have a problem with bread (even whole wheat) and I also find that my weight loss progress stops when I indulge, even if I stay below 1500 calories for the day. Once I start eating bread the cravings flare up , full force.

I also get cravings for ice inner child goes wild

ANGELSMOKEY SparkPoints: (13,294)
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2/8/14 12:57 P

Cravings will never go away, if you must cave have what you really want and don't go overboard.

2/8/14 12:12 P

Yesterday I binged on whole-wheat dinner rolls, ate four of them. This is not typical for me but sometimes I overdose on bread and exceed my calorie recommendation. Too much of anything is not good. Does anyone else have a problem food?

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