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6/4/13 8:23 P

Thanks for the info.

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6/4/13 3:51 P

I try to work my cravings into my food plan. If I want chips, I have chips. Last night I wanted a burger and fries, worked that in as well. An important lesson learned is that you can eat anything you want, as long as you account for it. Going to a special dinner that you know might be out of your calorie range? Eat lighter earlier in the day to help off-set.

Because I'm exercising so much, I'm really hungry sometimes. Yesterday I could have eaten my arm. So, I ate just outside my calorie limits and was finally not hungry.

It is all about balance and making choices so that this is a lifetime plan, not just a diet.

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6/3/13 5:37 P

Thanks for the info.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/3/13 2:14 P

A grilled (on the barbecue) homemade hamburger is really yummy and can be lots better for you than the whopper (depending on what you top your burger with...I often just use a slice of lowfat cheese and grill up some mushrooms to go on top). Maybe if you grill yourself one for dinner, you'll forget about the whopper.

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6/3/13 2:00 P

I have a day off every week, a binge day, if you wish. If I have craved something all week I will have it on saturday. I will not care about my calorie intake, it's just one day and like my old trainer said "One bad meal wont make you fat, and one good meal wont make you skinny".
This way I don't really have any cravings, nothing is "off limits"

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6/3/13 10:20 A

Thank all of you for the advice

BETHS60 Posts: 570
6/3/13 7:43 A

Raise your standards. You deserve better. Make your own burger at home on your own grill. It will taste better. If you make it with lean beef, and a multigrain bun, you can save almost 200 calories.

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6/2/13 10:03 P

Work the Whopper into your Nutrition Tracker. Work your whole day around it. Make sure you do not exceed the bottom line numbers for calories, carbs, fat, and protein. Do this before you eat anything on the Whopper day. I am famous for doing what I have just told you to do. As long as you don't exceed the daily numbers, you're fine. I don't advocate this as a daily thing, just those times when you crave your Whopper. PLAN AHEAD and you're home free.

Spark On!

CHRISTASP Posts: 1,620
6/2/13 5:00 P

Agree with yourself to have one - after one week of sticking with your food plan.

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6/2/13 3:56 P

I understand the desire for "that" flavor combination - and from rare time to very rare time, do get a Jr. Whopper. Also, just fyi for you or others who may be near an In-N-Out Burger, they serve a "protein-style" burger which uses a lettuce wrap in place of bun. That comes in around 330 calories, and without the "special" sauce even less.

Hope this helps!

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6/1/13 7:18 P

Thanks for the tip

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,290
6/1/13 10:09 A

Satisfy your craving and order a Junior Whopper...have just one ... ask for extra lettuce and tomato, remove the top portion of the bun...don't woof it down... chew each bite and savor the taste...around 400 calories

If you want fries order a small ...have 10 fries...10 fries are about 100 calories with mustard and no ketchup

Just allow for the calories...maybe have 1 cup of scrambled egg whites and green peppers for around 125 calories and a spinach salad for the rest of you meals that day...then eat wisely after you had your splurge......

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5/31/13 10:47 P

Thank you for your advice.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/31/13 10:38 P

Are you looking for help to not go get one or are you looking for advice about it? If you are looking for help not to eat one, I would recommend trying to find something else that is lower calorie to eat and an activity to keep yourself busy. Even brushing your teeth and drinking some water can help keep you from eating.

If you are looking for advice about it, I'm not sure how many calories are in a whopper, but is there perhaps another option that you can choose from there or at home to help with the craving? I know some places like that make a smaller size (maybe kid sized) items that may help you get the taste, but not as many calories. Or perhaps you can make a similar thing at home tomorrow? We recommend moderation and because you are trying to make this a healthy lifestyle, having something that you really enjoy from time to time is okay as long as you account for it and make room for it in your meals.

Either way, you can make a good decision and still stick to your health goals. emoticon

Coach Denise

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5/31/13 9:00 P

Once I get it and eat it I will be okay. But I am looking at the calorie in that whopper. I miss it so much.

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