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4/21/14 11:06 A

Definitely talk to your your CPAP or Sleep Center people about it. Husband has gone through 4 CPAP masks & finally found a comfortable one.

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4/17/14 5:35 P

Don't like CPAP

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4/17/14 5:19 P

You need to discuss this with your doctor and the sleep center that did the testing and adjusted your equipment. Many times when you first start out, there are adjustments that need to be made. You should be resting better with the CPAP. Asking the general public is kind of the same as asking us to set a broken bone online. You need a professional opinion.

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4/17/14 3:44 P

Definitely make an appointment with the place that sold it/set it up for you.

Also, have you ever been to a "sleep clinic" at all? That's where they will keep you overnight (with electrodes glued to your head and such) to observe how you sleep. If you have access to this kind of service, it might be worthwhile trying to get a sleep study done... but first see if your CPAP provider can maybe tweak the settings, fit, style of mask, etc., or offer you some other tips or assistance on using it.

4/17/14 3:00 P

Perhaps the nose piece is not the proper fit. You should definitely talk with the rep you got it from or perhaps a respiratory therapist who works regularly with these things so they can help you. As a nurse, I've worked with them some but can't trouble shoot as I have very limited experience with them in the areas of nursing I've worked. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.

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4/17/14 2:54 P

im having a hard time getting enough sleep on my cpap machine. the most sleep I get is 5 hours. I also wake up at 3am. now, is it me causing less sleep or my machine. does my machine need adjusting or is something interrupting my sleep. your best answers please. thank you.

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