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1/12/14 6:20 P

From another post of yours, I saw that your Diabetes Educator has you on:
40-45 carbs/meal (3 meals daily)
and 2 snacks each with 15 grams of carb.

This is very much a traditional carbohydrate counting plan. It is similar to the guidelines we use in our SP Diabetes Center. If you are not using the center, you may want to join. It has great content and the carb amounts in the meal and snack plans would be similar to your needs. I assume you are on about 1200-1550 calories daily. Please let me know.

I also encourage you to join a diabetes team here at Sparkpeople, This type team will also be following a similar type carb counting plan as you have been instructed to do by your health provider. Click above on the COMMUNITY tab, and select SPARKTEAM. Type diabetes in the search box to find a team for additional support.

Hope this helps
your SP Registered Dietitian

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/12/14 1:05 P

Another thought is a low carb team. If you are aiming to eat more carbs, but not enough to spike blood sugars, I would suggest the SMART CARBING team. It has a lot more member who eat 100-150 grams a day, which is almost up to the level of the diabetic diet.

I started low carb 4.5 years ago, and within 1 year, I was off all my meds, after years of 300+ blood sugars. Doctor approved, which is why it took a whole year.

Besides the quantity of the carbs, you will want to worry about the quality of the carbs that you do eat, as well as spacing of the carbs. If you choose to eat 150 grams a day for example, 40 grams for 3 meals, and two 15 gram snacks is better than 10 grams for breakfast, 60 for lunch, 80 for supper, and none with your snacks. You want to not overload your body with glucose all at once, since diabetes is the poor handling of glucose. So less carbs per meal, but meals more often.

While you may not be doing low carb, some of the low carb people in maintenance eat very close to those carb levels. A person eating 120 NET carbs, may be eating 160 total grams a day, and 40 of it from fiber. Where they may be of help to you is the types of foods they eat to get there. Low glycemic carbs. So instead of a banana, we eat berries for example. Simple differences. The goal of both you and low carbers is to keep blood sugars low. So try a diabetes team, and this low carb team. These teams have fewer active members, and responses sometimes takes a day or two. Posting it in both teams, might give you a couple ideas, or the same, and one team might respond much faster.

There are a lot of diabetics on the low carb teams btw. Most with stable blood sugars. So if you state you are diabetic, and ask questions, you may be surprised at the support, and understanding you get.

I would suggest advice myself, but I eat VERY low carb, so I doubt my diet would help you. Most people want to just clean up the carbs they do eat, and reduce them just enough to get blood sugars under control, and I understand that, and think it might be more helpful to talk to people eating moderate carbs, in maintenance on the SMART CARBING team, as well as one of the diabetic teams.

Hope you get your blood sugar under control soon.

1/11/14 4:46 P

many of our members "count carbohydrates" as a tool to control their blood sugar levels.
You may want to join one of our Diabetes Spark Teams if you are looking for a group with a similar interest. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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1/11/14 4:40 P

Well sort of--but I am no longer diabetic or even pre-diabetic.

I try to get about 100 G/day. I will gain weight if I eat more than 125 G/day, calories aside.

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1/11/14 12:29 P

Is anyone else counting carbs to get blood sugar under control?

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