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CAROL3SAN Posts: 20,126
10/7/10 6:41 A

emoticon YOU GO GIRL!! Keep up the good work!! emoticon

DHIEBERT1 SparkPoints: (275,825)
Fitness Minutes: (106,747)
Posts: 10
10/7/10 6:34 A

It is much better to being addicted to staying on track than to give in. I too feel many of the same temptations, and fee so much better for not giving in. Knowing that I will have to enter anything and everything in to my Spark food log helps me stay on track.

VIOLIL Posts: 1
10/7/10 6:30 A

Thank you for your post. I love the idea of being addicted to staying on track. I have a lot of stress in my life right now and am trying not to "numb out" with food ot alcohol. I call this "strenghening my moderaion muscle". I feel so much better the next day when I wake up and realize that I have taken care of myself stayed in the healthy zone...

YELLOWBRICKRD SparkPoints: (113,320)
Fitness Minutes: (119,616)
Posts: 880
10/7/10 6:01 A

emoticon emoticon

KMICHA Posts: 47,854
10/7/10 5:58 A

Way to Go!!! That's awesome! Healthy choices are not what our minds tell us that we want, but our bodies crave them. We feel so much better for making the healthy choices!! Keep up the good work!!!

NOELANIZ Posts: 587
10/7/10 5:48 A

It is such a good feeling to know you are in control and not a victim of mindless eating.

BURKEBRIZ Posts: 833
10/7/10 5:43 A

Yea for you! That is great to feel in control and like you have choices and not sacrifices to make.

10/7/10 5:36 A

All I can say is, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Breaking the cycle of "the sugar fix" is, in my opinion, the hardest part... Along with the preperation, ie; shopping and cooking, of lots of fat free vegetables in lots of variations to keep you full and satisfied so that you can resist those temptations...
Anyways, good on you, ever day closer is an achievement and feel proud of yourself!
I don't normally respond to these emails, but yours was so honest I felt compelled to. Keep up the good work!

TRESSWANN Posts: 4,597
10/7/10 5:34 A

I did it last night too for the first time seriously ever and it felt great

10/7/10 5:17 A

wow I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one! I decided to give up sugar on Tuesday. Today is Thursday and I have not eaten and processed food with added sugar or my normal routine of chocolate with a cup of tea. Tonight I had my cup of tea soon after dinner instead of close to going to bed and I helped my daughter with her homework while I drank it instead of in front of tv which seems to go hand in hand with nibbling. The first night I actually felt hungry at the time I owuld normally reach for the chocolate and i had a handfull of almonds instead and it did the trick. it helps that my husband is off the chocolate with me so it is not in the house. :)

SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (90,300)
Fitness Minutes: (52,690)
Posts: 7,295
10/7/10 5:15 A

I understand exactly how you feel emoticon on being able to resist emoticon . All the best.

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
10/7/10 5:06 A

Its completely addictive for me, as is going to the gym, etc. When I get to my goal, which I will do in about a month, I think I will struggle to get out of the 'dieting' way of eating because its worked...

My thoughts, there are worst things to be addictive about, so well done!!

GOBBLER11 Posts: 269
10/7/10 5:03 A

Yes, and it gets easier, if you concentrate on consistency; almost as automatic as reaching for another chip or cookie! emoticon

10/7/10 4:50 A

That is such a thoughtful and helpful response. Sometimes I post without really thinking. I agree with you-addictions are not something we should strive for.

CBACH71 Posts: 943
10/7/10 4:42 A

I think it can be addictive, but as long as you don't take it to extremes and beat yourself up if you do slip up, it's okay. You don't want to trade one addictive behavior for another. Lifestyle changes are not always about having the healthiest option 100% of the time, it's about eating and practicing reasonable portions and foods most of the time, so you can occasionally treat yourself at other times.

BUTLELD Posts: 82
10/7/10 4:42 A

Well done.

Keep it up

DRLMAZ Posts: 7,631
10/7/10 4:36 A

Staying on track can be addictive, but it is a good addictive. Continue to stay on track and resist temptation

JEBBICA Posts: 5
10/7/10 4:34 A

I think it can...for me it's been getting a lot easier to "eat this, not that" and stay on track. And SparkPeople has been a great tool! Keep it can do it!

MELB31 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,893)
Posts: 185
10/7/10 4:33 A

thats awsome.

10/7/10 4:27 A

Yay! It is such a good feeling to wake up and know you are on your way. Congratulations to us all!

10/7/10 4:16 A

I know that if I can keep up the new change for three weeks I've made it a habit. Good habits just get easier and easier!

JETERSGAL729 Posts: 1,306
10/7/10 4:10 A

Great to know that it is possible!! Love it! Keep up the good work!!!

CLARA0 Posts: 306
10/7/10 4:10 A

We are all trying to be good now,from binge eating 5 or 4 packets to 1 or 2 to healthy choices . The question is what stops our being good and sends us nose diving to fatty choices ?

TEAADDICTED SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,277)
Posts: 108
10/7/10 4:07 A

Good for you. And I think posting about it is great also, because it'll motivate you to keep doing so well. :)

SAFAAWILLWIN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,254)
Posts: 8
10/7/10 4:06 A

emoticon thanks for showing how good it is to resist temptations NO MATTER WHAT.

COLLEENA88 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
10/7/10 3:40 A

waking up in the morning happy and proud of what you achieved the day before certainly makes it all worthwhile in our journey . This feeling of excitement sure outweighs the hard bits we might of encounted the day before. So remember , to get that great feeling when you wake up ,keep doing what we are doing. Imagine the day we get to goal we will feel euphoric. emoticon

CIERAPOET SparkPoints: (340,983)
Fitness Minutes: (229,760)
Posts: 32,375
10/7/10 3:32 A

Great Job. You have your focus on point. Now this can become your habit. lol Go for the Gold! emoticon emoticon

RIVERDLC Posts: 271
10/7/10 3:26 A

I totally agree. Now that I have made a few small successes I have found this addictive. There are worse things to be addictive too. Way to go.

--EVE-- SparkPoints: (21,016)
Fitness Minutes: (20,350)
Posts: 452
10/7/10 3:21 A


emoticon emoticon emoticon

THEMIGHTYLEX SparkPoints: (22,139)
Fitness Minutes: (25,519)
Posts: 1,173
10/7/10 3:21 A

it's certainly addictive to me. I have noticed that my appetite is way smaller and less frequent than it used to be, and I love it!

MHNGJR Posts: 1,988
10/7/10 3:19 A

I always love that feeling of "I did it". I know it encourages me to say no the next time too.


CHICKYMOMMAOF2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,703)
Posts: 1,878
10/7/10 3:03 A

How awesome is that?Great job!

KPEPPER66 Posts: 1
10/7/10 2:51 A

Great job! Keep up the good work! emoticon

0MANUKA0 Posts: 76
10/7/10 2:48 A

Well done!!

I know what you mean - when you are doing well and are achieving what you want it is easy to keep on the right path.
Unfortunately I find once I make one slip up, I find it extremely hard to get back on track.... I desperately need to at the moment!

10/7/10 2:34 A

Thank you for your courage in resisting the sugar overdoses. I need to get there myself!

MAHDIAH Posts: 3
10/7/10 2:11 A

You have shared so much wisdom here and from the position of having accomplished your weight-loss goal and maintaining a terrifically lean body! I am inspired. Thanks for the post. emoticon

MAHDIAH Posts: 3
10/7/10 2:07 A

Wow! I like your decisions. I think staying on track CAN be addictive. Every time we don't give in to our bad habits, it feels so powerful! Thanks for the post. emoticon

10/7/10 1:49 A

Good for you! It's little things like that will add up before you know it. Forgotten snacks, a few extra sit ups and longer walks will get you to your goal before you know it. I'm sitting here with sore arms from finally getting out the free weights after 3 months. I know it's a good sore and I am proud of myself for saying I did it! emoticon emoticon

2BEATIT1 Posts: 3,162
10/7/10 1:48 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You deserve a emoticon

SCARLETTKITTY SparkPoints: (3)
Fitness Minutes: (5,786)
Posts: 29
10/7/10 1:40 A


DHSPARK SparkPoints: (46,601)
Fitness Minutes: (25,363)
Posts: 4,394
10/7/10 1:15 A


GYMRAT41 Posts: 41
10/7/10 1:09 A

emoticon emoticon

What a great feeling you have now. Great topic, "Could staying on track be addicitive?" emoticon

10/7/10 1:00 A

Great job on avoiding the pitfalls in your day! Not all addictions are bad. If you must be addicted to something taking good care of yourself is an excellent choice!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

MUMTOSIX SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,187)
Posts: 47
10/7/10 12:59 A

Having lost all my excess weight (40 kilo) 4 years ago my opinion is its all about balance of lifestyle. I do a weights workout every day and usually cardio 3-4 times a week. I eat healthy most times but dont sweat it if I have a few wines with friends or have a junkfood session. I used to panic if I missed a workout and ran myself literally ragged - stressing myself out in the process and being emotionally unavaliable for my family. I had to teach myself there IS more to life than just exercise and diet and losing weight. exercise/diet and the need to be constantly watching myself on the scales in my opinion became an unhealthy addiction.To this day I have a bodyfat percentage of 8.2% and have never gained an ounce of weight back.I am extremely fit having run 2 half marathons this year. Change of lifestyle is also about emotional health and happiness as well as physical. The go hand in hand with each other

Edited by: MUMTOSIX at: 10/7/2010 (01:08)
KARMALA2 Posts: 15
9/9/10 9:29 P

i really want to stay with this. so great to know that you guys know what im saying!! thanks all!!!

VTSKIER805 SparkPoints: (65)
Fitness Minutes: (13,910)
Posts: 998
9/9/10 9:02 P

Even when I'm going off track on purpose, I still think about the next day when I will get back on track. It is this kind of thinking that makes me sure that I am making a permanent lifestyle change. I used to eat chocolate daily but now I walk right by the stash in my cabinet! I actually can't remember the last time I had straight chocolate...and I can hardly believe that!

CASJ57 Posts: 1,377
9/9/10 5:58 P

Yes, i think so - you build on each success.


PAMATX SparkPoints: (43,799)
Fitness Minutes: (37,299)
Posts: 2,108
9/9/10 11:58 A

Staying on track is addictive! It's like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets!

Way to go!!

MYSTERY4EVER Posts: 3,587
9/9/10 10:53 A

Feeling good is so addictive. Keep up the good work. You are headed for success.

KARMALA2 Posts: 15
9/9/10 10:35 A

i resisted temptation twice yesterday-- i resisted 2 situations that i have given into almost every day for i dont even know how long!

1. i was sooooooo tired yesterday afternoon at work. normally, this is my cue to get some jellybeans or life savers or even a protein bar-- something, anything that would give me a sugar-jolt and keep me awake. yesterday, i didnt have anything except water. i had my normal, healthy snack as planned and felt one zillion times better on my way home because i didnt take the easy way out by OD-ing on sugar.

2. last night, after dinner, after my workout, after my shower...if i have sweets in the house, i munch until im full. i dont eat until im sick, but its always more than one serving of fro yo or dark chocolate or reeses or cookies, etc... last night (and actually the night before as well) i stayed in bed, and woke up so much happier because of it.

YAY. i want to feel like this every day!!!

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