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FITSLH85 Posts: 110
1/31/12 1:45 P

Make your own stash of goodies! Buy in bulk and divide up things like nuts & dried fruit, keep plenty of fresh fruit around, 100 calorie packs of popcorn, etc. Talk yourself out of the cookies. I know it's incredibly hard to do, but I know if I can you can too! Tell that cookie who's boss!

SWTESKAPE Posts: 115
1/30/12 6:16 P

My husband is the same way. He can eat all that he wants and not gain a pound. I had to sit him down and let him know that his junk food was impossible for me not to dig into. We have a deal. No junk food in the house. He has his secret stash of junk food that he eats in moderation, but I do not know where it is. If I find it I tell him and he hides it again.

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1/30/12 6:11 P


There are a few ways to deal with this...

1. Don't bring these trigger foods into the house. While your boyfriend may be able to eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound, does not mean he is healthy.

2. If number one is not an option, then do your best not to let yourself get hungry. When we allow ourselves to get too hungry we usually end up giving in to our cravings.

3. Keep a journal. Food is never a replacement for going through the emotions of the day. This is where coming to the message boards, like you did, can be a huge deterrent.

4. Know that you are in control of the food and not the food that is in control of you. You are stronger than any ol' cookie.

5. If you truly feel you con control yourself if you plan for a cookie or two into your meal plan, then do so. There is no such thing as good food and bad food. Depriving ourselves can actually lead to binging.

I hope this helps! BE SPARK STRONG!

Coach Nancy

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1/30/12 5:12 P

I really should have made my name the cookie monster... I don't know how to deal with stress very well, and when both of my kids start crying at the same time, or I'm stressed out for some other reason, I eat junk.... and especially cookies, if there are cookies around, there wont be by the end of the day.... how do I deal with my bad cravings? especially during troubling times? My boyfriend can eat what ever he wants and not gain a pound... How do i stay away from his junk food? HELP, lost motivation for today..... and I seriously need to get it back before I gain back every pound I've lost, and get really depressed.... gotta go baby crying again... its one of those days....

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