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MSANITAL Posts: 8,060
4/21/13 12:02 P

I have been a emotional and binge eater my whole life. to me it is an addiction and sometimes I can go very long periods of controlling it other times I can go very long periods of not controlling it.. I think the longest was 10 years and then I found my self 330 lbs. till I decided to do something about it 3 years ago .. did I stop binge eating? no I had it under control dose it get out of control for me now, that I have lost weight and not 330lbs..? oh yea.. matter of fact it reared its ugly head 3 days ago.. and I was on a 3 day binge..
I tried OA .. I am not going to get into it why I did not stick with OA. I am a very spiritual person but.. OA was not for me.. Do I think this is a disease? yes and no.. it is something that is hard to control it dose take over my life sometimes but so dose some other addictive habits such as shopping, gambling.. .. or playing bejeweled bliz on my phone all day it is just my nature..
and yes I think it is a huge habit and habits can be broke.. and good habits can be formed..let's face it we have to eat to live.. and that is why it is so hard that when we are binging or at least I am in a Binge it is hard for me to really recognize what is bothering me emotionally.. but looking back at this week I think I now know why, even though I was not connected to the tragic events but It effected me because I was so scared for those people and thought wow that can happen there it can happen here where I am.. I am not using that event as an excuse to what I did for the past 3 days but now that it is over I see that I let my emotions get to me and I ran to food..

I am not perfect but I am still learning how to deal events.. I am better at controlling my eating when I get into a argument with my hubby or things did not go so good at work, or my oldest daughter is pushing my buttons. I have learned to deal with all that, so hopefully the next time something so scary and effects your sense of security.. I hope I will be able to deal with it a bit better.

Good Luck you .. girl if you ever want to spark mail me and chat I am here.. always..

JORDANIE25 SparkPoints: (8,086)
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4/21/13 11:59 A

Im the same way, what helps me is out of sight out of mind, if theres "junk" food or foods you know are bad for you that you dont want to eat... throw em out! Fill our kitchen with the foods you know are good for you... binging isnt so bad when its on carrots.. if you know what i mean. Give it a try.. it may help. Also... i always think "i wont eat chips today" not " cant have chips ever!"
My most favourate quote, from a documentary, is

"We need to change our mind set from 'I want that but i cant have it' to 'I can have it I just dont want that'"

I hope this helps, and if you want a buddy, email me!

JAMIEBOYD328 SparkPoints: (9,077)
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4/20/13 10:56 P

Have you considered OA? Its a good program with good support. It has helped me with my binge eating. Good luck with it, you can overcome it.

HWINES1892 SparkPoints: (71)
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4/20/13 10:01 P

Hello there.

I had the gastric bypass and still struggle with binge eating. I'm sure your wondering how that is possible but it is. I try not to think about eating and drink water or go and do something. I am an emotional eater and always will be. I don't think my fiance always understands what I'm going through but he's there to support me.

MRSCLARK Posts: 590
4/20/13 2:51 P

I stuggle with HARDCORE compulsive eating but trying to eat healthir.Not doing so good right now and whould like to friend up with other women also stuggling wit compulsive/bingeeating.I'm also overweight

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