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9/23/13 10:22 A

Thanks, all! Your help and support were amazing, and Trivest is very funny! I so appreciate everyone's time and thoughtful replies. I ended up not working out again until Sunday, and that was dancing with my husband and kids in the backyard.(toddler dancing=enthusiastic jumping up and down!) I am feeling much better and plan to start s l o w l y building back to my normal routine today.

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9/20/13 12:46 A

Do what you feel comfortable doing
One day at a time
Love prayers peace

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9/19/13 10:35 P

I gradually build myself back up by doing low impact workouts. When I try going full speed after an illness, I usually end up pushing myself too hard.

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9/19/13 8:12 A

It is not going to mess up your metabolism if you don't eat your minimum calories while you're sick. It is also not going to mess things up if, while you're sick, you eat just chicken soup and toast (and even if it was white bread, at that). We're talking a temporary period of time, a few days or a week here. Your appetitie will come back and you'll go back to normal eating.

As for exercise-- I've heard it said that if your illness is from the neck up (a head cold or something), go ahead and exercise. If it's the neck down (chest congestion etc) don't fret so over trying to exercise. If you've got a bad cough and had a respiratory infection.... really, a little walk like pp's have suggested is probably about the most you should attempt. The problem with trying to jump back into things too quickly, is that it often leads to a setback and only makes things worse. All your good efforts will not go to waste, if you take the time off to let your body heal.

I'm going to guess that out of all the things you "need" to accomplish on a daily basis-- get the kids to school and go to work are probably more important than exercise. If you can get those things done and feel up to it, take a little walk. Yes, it's important that we put ourselves on the list of priortities and make time to get healthy and fit. But in this case, getting healthy may mean lying down, more so than getting some exercise.

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9/19/13 8:09 A

I'm righ there with you. It seems for me, every time I get on a exercise routine, I end up sick. Do I carry illness in the chunky part of me? That when I burn some chunky off I get sick?? It's very non productive to my weight loss enthusiasm emoticon But, I do keep getting up and trying again.
For now, take it easy. No need to have you're Oxygen levels bouncing around with the cough. Better to recover from the respiratory illness. And if you're on antibiotic's you really need to first work on recovery of your fluids and maybe some good yogurt. You will need to replace the good bacteria in your digestive system. Think fresh air, and easy low impact (not even sweat producing) exercise, that just gets your heart rate up a little. And healthy eating! It will serve you better than a work out right now.

Keep your chin up! You Can Do It!

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9/19/13 4:48 A

I wouldn't be inclined to get back into exercising as such so soon. Your body is still recovering. If the weather is o.k., why not just go for a gentle 5 minute walk in the fresh air. Leaving the exercise a few more days isn't going to set you back at all - it might help to PREVENT you going backward with your health, tho'!!

Good luck,

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9/18/13 3:54 P

Don't try to do too much too soon or your risk making yourself sick again. You don't have to do a lot. if you feel like you have a bit of energy, you might want to take a walk outside. the fresh air will do you some good.

You want to slowly ease into your routine so that you don't lapse back into that illness.

When you're 100%, then you can do your normal routine. For now, take it slowly. if you feel tired after a while, then stop and go back. listen to your body. if you're tired, you rest.


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9/18/13 3:44 P

I have been sick since Saturday with an upper respiratory illness that included a fever. I went to work Monday but stayed home yesterday and only got out of bed to take my kids to school. Until today, I have had no appetite so I have only eaten some chicken soup, a bit of toast, and as much water as a I could stand. Needless to say, I ran a considerable calorie deficit--did not eat more than 700 or 800 or so per day. a) I am hoping that this won't mess up my metabolism now that I'm feeling better (and hungry again) and b) should I start exercising today (I am not close to 100 percent, but I don't have a fever anymore) I was able to work today. So, thoughts on metabolism and on whether it's better to rest more or do a light workout like walking or yoga? I have a gross cough so doing anything hardcore is not a good idea. Thanks.

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