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I.M.MAGIC Posts: 13,194
1/26/14 10:44 A

I'm assuming the house has a refrigerator, right?...

Get your sorority sisters involved! You all have to eat, don't you?
When I was working, once a week we would have a sort of salad smorgasbord:

One person would bring the salad greens (pre-shredded packaged stuff is okay but it's cheaper to buy a head of lettuce or romaine and tear it up yourself)
One person would bring the paper plates and plastic forks. Don't know if that's a problem for you or not...
The rest would each provide their favorite salad ingredients for a DIY salad bar: diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, sunflower seeds, olives, sliced celery, avocado to be sliced or diced right before serving... even orange segments now and then!
...and we kept a variety of salad dressings in the fridge. If you put a little on your plate and dip your fork in it for each bite, you get the flavor and the benefit of a small amount of fat to help absorb certain vitamins, without undermining your goals. And if you each contribute enough, it can last for the weekend!

...and you can do the same with tacos or tostados or fajitas, just buying pre-cooked or canned chicken or canned beef. These things are easy to just heat up in the microwave with a dash of spice added...You can also try hamburger buns with Lloyd's BBQ beef from the grocery store deli section--but watch the sodium! a little goes a long way...

The slow cooker and toaster are great ideas, and if everyone contributes, they can be house items for all to use... for light bagels or whole grain toast with cottage cheese... And then there's eggs. They are relatively inexpensive, and though they have a fair amount of saturated fat, they ARE a good source of Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, and protein. Once or twice a week, they are definitely an option. And you CAN scramble eggs in a microwave for breakfast...Instructions are available online...

If you put your heads together, you can all benefit! Get creative, girl! LOL emoticon
And enjoy your college years, the memories are going to be some of your favorites!
Kathy emoticon

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BETSYANNE57 SparkPoints: (4,568)
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1/26/14 8:55 A

a favorite for my daughter while in college was a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and her ramen noodles. only use have the seasoning packet for the noodles and mix in half a bag of mixed vegetable. she would mix it up or, sometimes a bit of chicken, shredded with frozen chopped mixed peppers on a tortilla.. the combos are limitless. If you have a fridge, add a rotisserie chicken, and some veg. tortillas with some mustard and a bag of salad greens and you have multiple choice. and always have some fresh fruit on hand

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KILYGE70 Posts: 48
1/24/14 8:57 P

Try and always have water with you so you keep hydrated. Take the stairs if its possible. Even walking to the back of the class counts for steps. Carry fruit for snacks along with small portions of nuts for protein. Plain Greek yogurt with a bit of honey can give you protein and fix a sweet tooth. Your books work great for weight lifting. Try using them like you would a medicine ball and twist and lift some calories off. Try making a game out of finding healthy ways to eat in the house or cafeteria. Be mindful of the things you put in your mouth. Read labels so you know how much sugar, fat, protein, etc. you're getting. Egg white sandwiches on real whole grain bread with mustard instead of mayo, or a pita with sliced avocados with some sprinkled cheese are two healthy options. Try portion control by sharing lunch with a friend or taking leftovers back to your room. Think of ways to make things a bit more healthy such as using a napkin to blot the excess grease off a single slice of pizza. Don't drink your calories unless its in the form of a nutritious protein shake/smoothy. Those blended coffee drinks are so high in calorie and often make you crave more sugar. Try and avoid things with MSG, high sugar, and or high sodium in them because they tend to make your brain crave more. Make a salad with dressing on the side--maximize those greens! If you need a snack while you study, poor a small bowl of cheerios or kix. When the bowl is empty drink more water! And get sleep. I know easier said than done but there are several articles on Sparkpeople that say sleep is critical to weight loss success because of our hormone levels. Good luck!

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SUPERDAD55 Posts: 2,504
1/24/14 7:22 A

You can do alot with a microwave! There are cook books written with just using a microwave. The recipes are easy and with practice, the food is not bad. You can even warm up frozen dinners in them.

SPUTNIK512 Posts: 1,730
1/22/14 1:18 P

Oh, I remember those days! My mom got me the Man, A Can, a Microwave cookbook before I went off to school. It had some tasty recipes and some were even pretty healthy! I remember I once made myself a Thanksgiving dinner using nothing but my microwave (turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and pumpkin mousse for dessert!). I also found a slow cooker at a garage sale for $5 that I used all the time. I'd make different things and then separate them into multiple containers and freeze some of it so it wouldn't go bad before I could get to it. I'd also use it to make applesauce using apples from the farmers market, delish! An electric skillet could also be handy and are typically pretty inexpensive.

SILVER_WOLF1221 Posts: 1,452
1/22/14 9:43 A

If you have a toaster you can always make toast, make up a healthy tuna salad, put it on the toast with a cheese you like and pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds for a homemade tuna melt!

You can also make pizza bagels in the microwave. 1 100% whole wheat bagel, pizza sauce, your choice in toppings, heat until the cheese is melted(or until it hot enough to your liking).

Of course this all comes down to whether or not you have storage for the cold items. emoticon

These were things I used to do at work. Had a side salad with them and a fruit!
Hope this helps!

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1/22/14 8:29 A

College killed me weight wise. I stopped logging on to this site and gained 20lbs in 2 years. If you are a commuter try packing a lunch based off the meal plans the site offers. If you live on a campus or are in more of a rush; try to print some meal ideas and try to match it as close as possible. I worked with my dining hall coordinator to get some more healthy options in. Breakfast was killer it was usually the choice of a breakfast sandwich, pastry or naked smoothie. If you're able to avoid those and find a healthier alternative, power to you.

DANAEBOYCE1 SparkPoints: (16,481)
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1/20/14 11:41 P

get a blender. then add fruit, water, milk, spinach, kale, even oats. You can look online for smoothie recipes. I like this approach when I am short on time.

LONGLIFE7 Posts: 1,151
1/20/14 9:32 A

for a once in a while treat - Bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich. Canned soup or chili just read labels and pick the best. Invest in a smaller crockpot and hot meals are endless. Dress up the ramen noodles with assorted fresh veggies. Baked sweet potatoes.

MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,157
1/18/14 11:41 A

you can get a lot of great ideas from the Hungry Girl cookbooks/website. She has sugggestions for easy, fast meals for one that make good use of convenience items.

Example: Omelets (with veggies) made in a mug in the microwave. Easy, fast, and filling!

ERICALMA SparkPoints: (4,136)
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Posts: 12
1/17/14 11:34 P

These are great ideas! I fall to unhealthy choices too often with the stress and rush of school work.

1/17/14 10:45 A

i used to make a cannelini beans salad (available in cans) with a can of tuna, some chopped up celery and salt and pepper. It is quite filling.

SENNAIRA SparkPoints: (12,690)
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1/17/14 9:56 A

Buy a rotisserie should last you through the weekend. You can pair it with frozen veggies that you can steam in the microwave.

Buy yogurts for snack. If your diet allows, buy whole wheat bread & deli meats and make sandwiches for lunch.

If you have a blender, you can make smoothies

1/16/14 10:56 P

I second what Stargirl said. Sometimes students only have a few minutes between classes to grab a bite and the things she suggests are great options. Also watch for when the school is having free food events, and never turn down a homecooked dinner from a friend or family member :)

SUZIB123 Posts: 721
1/16/14 7:49 P

Hormel makes shelf dinners...My son loves the spam and potatoes ..they have many different types. They are all for the microwave! They also sell package pasta that you just cut the top open add water then microwave! You can also buy rice, oatmeal in bowls and many other things ..just walk around Walmart! If you have a bowl-can soups or can stew. Shelf milk in small cartons so you get your calcium.
My son rides a bike 3 miles to school so we send him power bars too. Also make sure you have water you can never drink too much.

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MIPCY1 Posts: 582
1/13/14 1:00 P

There are so many pre-cooked meat options out there, that as long as you have access to a fridge, you have so many more options.

Salads are a great option. I love the pre-cooked meats that are pre-sliced, so all you have to do is measure it out and heat it. I'll throw them on top of a salad, potato, noodles, or put the meat and some cheese in a tortilla and heat it up. If you could get a foreman or a sandwich maker, you could definitely make tasty things. I rarely actually use my stove these days (I have a really small kitchen) and prefer things that don't require too much clean-up.

If you don't have access to a fridge, I would definitely get one. They have some great little cube ones that don't have a compressor, so they're really small but still have a good bit of space. I have one that used to stay in my office for insane days where I brought all of my food for the day with me.

I would definitely just go to the grocery store and find what you want. There are so many quick, mostly healthy options out there these days.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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Posts: 3,778
1/13/14 12:51 P

Frozen/canned/fresh veggies, precooked meats, canned tuna/salmon, fresh fruits, string cheese, greek yogurt.

MBRANDO SparkPoints: (78,779)
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Posts: 918
1/12/14 10:34 P

Raw veggies and hummus, no cooking necessary! I also do protein bars When I am not in the mood to cook. My favorite is life balance in the chocolate mint.

MICHELLE73101 Posts: 317
1/12/14 3:42 P

I have a tiny little kitchen, so I don't use it very often. Either I make meals that I can stretch and repurpose to last a few days, or I eat things that really don't require cooking.

One of my go-to meals is all-natural peanut butter with high-protein, high-fiber bread and a side of raw vegetables or fruit. I also make a great salad that doesn't require much prep at all. And you don't have to cook anything. Here is the recipe:

STARGIRL20 SparkPoints: (8,449)
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1/12/14 6:25 A

I found that I was satisfied with smaller, snack like meals when I was at college and didn't have a meal that day. Plus it was easier for me too with a busy schedule. These are some of my favorites that don't require more than a fridge and a microwave:

-Yogurt with granola and fresh berries (my favorite)
-Whole wheat bagel
-Apple with peanut butter
-Salads - You can put precooked meat, cheese, other fruits or veggies, and much more on top. Be creative!
-Soup (reduced sodium ones)
-There are lots of microwavable meals, but some have a lot of salt (sodium), so I was careful to watch that I still treated them like treats.
-Crackers and cheese (I love wheat thins!)
-Leftovers from the cafeteria. One of the places I could get food always gave you an enormous amount to-go, so it lasted me two or three meals.
-Baby carrots, sometimes with dip
-Grapes, sometimes frozen
-Baked potato
-Protein bar

Hope we are giving you some good ideas!

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UOFIGIRL SparkPoints: (41,714)
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Posts: 1,527
1/11/14 10:33 P

ILLINI turfie? Nice to meet you, I'm U of I girl. emoticon

I love those Green Giant boxes of steamable vegetables. Pretty cheap, and a great way to get a couple servings of veggies. If you have a freezer (and people who are understanding about cooking smells), then besides chicken, you might want to buy some frozen microwavable fish fillets (not the breaded ones) - they are around 100 calories per serving and simple. Round that out with some couscous (shelf stable, can be made with hot water if you only have a coffee pot), and you have a pretty decent meal.

Otherwise - salads can be easy, and oatmeal or cereal can be a great meal any time of the day.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,201)
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Posts: 26,963
1/11/14 9:51 P

Do you have access to a fridge or freezer? If so, just have some lean meat, fruit/veges, yoghurt etc. on hand. Frozen veges go really well straight from freezer to microwave. There are various cooked meats that you can get, too.

If you don't have access to that, think of canned veges, lentils, beans (including baked beans), etc. They heat wonderfully in the m/wave. Cans of cooked meats including chicken, or Salmon, Sardines, or Tuna are also great. If you have a toaster or a sandwich maker you will be able to make healthy toasted sandwiches, and some sandwich makers you can cook grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, steak and chicken on them, too.


CHANY009 SparkPoints: (5,146)
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Posts: 75
1/11/14 8:41 P

My residence was suite style so I had a fridge/freezer but nothing to cook with (Even if yours doesn't you could get a mini one). So I brought a little george foreman. I would grill chicken on the GF and microwave a potato and some veggies and have a whole meal ready! I also brought a blender so I could make smoothies!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
1/11/14 6:52 P

i know someone who can make cornish game hens in the microwave. and they turn out with crispy skin.
so it's not what can you cook that's healthy, the question is what healthy foods do you want? once you know what you want to make, go about figuring out how to do so. i've never tried making regular rice in the microwave, but minute rice [it comes in brown rice too now], has instructions for microwave cooking. and if you can't boil other grains, many now come parboiled in microwave packages [seeds of change or the new target brand simply balanced]. you can steam just about any veggie in the microwave. i don't see any reason why you can't cook meat in the microwave, though it may alter some textures a little bit. just buy a thermometer and make sure that it's reaching the proper internal temperatures. you can scramble eggs in the microwave, though you have to watch them carefully [and don't leave them in there for more than 5 or 10 seconds at a time. the only thing i think you can't do in a microwave is hard boil eggs, and you can buy those in the store. beans might be the same, but those come canned and low to no sodium is becoming more common.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,805
1/11/14 6:11 P

Some of these assume you have a mini fridge and a knife - Oatmeal, which can be made with a bunch of different add ins (raisins, milk, dried fruit, bananas, protein powders, etc.). Eggs can be scrambled and cooked in the microwave. Steam some veggies, pour over some eggs, a little 2% cheese on top. Cereal, yogurt and fruit. Nut butters and celery. Baby carrots are a supper easy add on to get your veggies. Cottage cheese and fruit. Hummus and cucumber, carrots and other veggies. Keep protein bars around when you are in a rush or super hungry. I've made many a meal out of a bar and a piece of fruit.

A good kitchen scale is great for watching portions. You can weigh anything to portion it out.

KOYONNE SparkPoints: (10,000)
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Posts: 27
1/11/14 5:40 P

Can you get an electric pot/kettle? Being able to boil water definitely adds to the things you can do, especially if it's a pot type thing and you can boil eggs or soup
Most frozen veggies can be steamed in a microwave in minutes. As can root veggies and squashes, just cube them up, add a little water, cover with a lip or vented plastic, and cook for 5 or so minutes at a time, stirring to ensure even cooking.
I've seen pre cooked chicken and beef strips that could be used plain, or maybe warmed up in some salsa or fajita sauce for a wrap.
Can't go wrong with fresh fruit and veggies either.
I love hummus as a dip or a spread in wraps and sandwiches,
Or do what I did, make good friends with someone with a kitchen. I had a few kitchens I was welcome in during my time at Uni. (there's a few that I can still crash if I'm in town)

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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Posts: 2,171
1/11/14 3:34 P

Oh I've been there. So hard since most sorority houses have such nice kitchens, but the residents aren't allowed to use it! Do you have a small fridge in your room where you can keep perishables?

One idea is you can make a baked potato in the microwave, then top it with pre-cooked chicken (either a rotisserie chicken from the store, or they sell it in the freezer and lunchmeat section) and some pesto or salsa and a bit of cheese. Pop it back in the microwave just to melt the cheese and heat up the chicken. There's actually lots of options with baked potatoes. Can do baked sweet potatoes too.

Also I just googled "microwave cookbook" and this site from Betty Crocker came up... Obviously not everything on there is healthy but there are some good options. If you have your fridge you can keep the leftovers so you only really need to cook a few times a week.

REBBLTX SparkPoints: (25,008)
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Posts: 149
1/11/14 2:28 P

Wheat tortilla with cream cheese, raisins and walnuts

Canned beans with salsa in a tortilla

Skinless chicken tenders and frozen veggies of your choice

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REBBLTX SparkPoints: (25,008)
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Posts: 149
1/11/14 2:26 P

Boneless chicken breast

Peanut butter sandwich with an apple

Canned black beans, canned corn, frozen brown rice, salsa

Microwaved scrambled eggs

Baked potato with cheese and brocoli

Tuna sandwich with carrots and celery

Buy food from your cafeteria and reheat

ILLINITURFIE SparkPoints: (3,997)
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Posts: 14
1/11/14 11:21 A

I'm a college student living in my sorority house and we don't get served meals on the weekends. What are some things that I can easily make that are healthy? All I really have to cook with is a microwave.

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