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When on a weight loss calorie amount of about 1200-1500 daily; a general recommendation is no more than 150 calories coming from foods that do not provide nutritional value to your diet: pop, candy, cookies, snacks, chips, the frying of foods, heavy cream sauces, etc

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Get a trash bag and a cardboard box. Take everything out of your cupboards, fridge, and freezer, and lay them out on the kitchen table. Scrub out the empty fridge and wash down the cupboard shelves if they need it. Look at each item that you took out and ask yourself, "Is this going to help me meet my goals and be healthier?" If the answer is no and the package is open, put it in the trash bag. If the answer is no but the package is still sealed (and not expired), put it in the box. If the answer is yes, wipe off the outside of the package if it needs it, and then put it away in a tidy fashion so you can find it again easily. If you're not naturally tidy and organized, make a list of what you're keeping so you know what you have on hand.

When everything is put away, haul the bag out to the dumpster and take the box to the nearest food bank or homeless shelter. (If there's no food bank, drop the box in the dumpster, too.) Don't worry about "wasting" it; that already happened. Unhealthy food is wasted the minute you hand your money to the checker, because right at that point you stop the chance of it going to someone who needs it. Eating food your body doesn't need is just a different way of wasting it. Putting it in the trash where it won't hurt anyone is better than putting it into your body where it might actually cause you harm and cost you money in medical bills or lost/lower income.

As for the boyfriend, don't say anything. He probably doesn't care. If he asks, "Where's the ___?", just tell him, "Oh, I cleaned out the kitchen the other day. It must have been spoiled/stale. I tossed everything that was bad. See how neat and clean everything looks? And I made a list of what we still have so we won't waste money buying things we don't need."

There's no specific calorie amount that means a food is "good" or "bad." For example, peanut butter and nuts have lots of calories, but they're healthy foods. You just can't eat a lot of them. Double-Frosted Chocolate Sugar Pops cereal might not have that many calories per serving, but there's nothing in it that your body needs-- it's just sugar and white flour. They won't help your body, so right now there's no point in having them. Basically, go with what you know. You know that fruits and vegetables are healthy. Keep those (or go get some if you don't have any.) You know that lean meat is healthy. You know that cookies and potato chips aren't healthy; toss those. For things you're not sure about, you can ask here. (Maybe you can put a second box on your kitchen table when you're cleaning, and put the "I don't know" things in there so you can ask about them) For the most part, though, you know what's healthy and what's not.

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How do I start to clean out the "bad food"? like what calorie range am i looking for and also how do I do it with the boyfriend getting mad lol

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