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Those numbers represent percentages. "Percentage of Recommended Daily Allowance." So in an ideal world, you'd want the numbers in that section to be at-or-around "100" for all.

However, most food labels do not list very many of these nutrients, if any at all. Many user-created entries in the nutrition database rely on these food labels. It is really hard to keep track of your micronutrients via the nutrition tracker as a result. I only use that section to keep tabs on iron and calcium (two micronutrients that typically ARE included on food labels), with the understanding that I might actually be consuming more of these than my tracker might suggest, due to incomplete information for many items.

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5/28/13 1:59 P

Daily entries are clear about calories, carbs, fat and protein. My question has to do with the micronutrients listed below the macros, for example Calcium, vit E, zinc, etc. What do those numbers represent? What unit of measure? mg? mcg? iu? etc. Thanks!

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