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BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
6/19/13 3:46 P

BERRY4, since you were responding to my earlier comment, allow me to respond as well. :)

When I say "If your diet is good, you do not need supplements" I mean in the case of someone whose diet is well-rounded and includes plenty of sources of all macro and micronutrients. It is entirely possible to get such a diet, with enough attention to detail. If I were lacking in zinc, for instance, I could take a pill or I could eat some peanuts. That is not to say that the supplement is bad, only that there are dietary options available as well.

Of course, most people do not have an ideal diet, and you are absolutely correct that sourcing your own foods rather than purchasing them at a store is generally more nutritious. I do not mean to imply that a "good diet" is common even among people watching what they eat. Many people do lack in a variety of areas nutritionally, even if their diet seems good on the surface. But if they lack, their diet is not truly "good," just "marginally adequate." I guess it's an issue of differing definitions.

Our world is not ideal, and sometimes it is a good idea to supplement, *if you do your research and have reason to believe that your supplements of choice are reliable.* Unfortunately, while it is difficult to tell if your food actually contains the nutrients it's "supposed" to, it's just as hard with supplements, if not more so since supplements are not as heavily regulated.

We're not actually in disagreement, really. Supplements *can* help, if they actually provide something that you are lacking in your intake. They are not, however, strictly *necessary.* We are able, when we have proper access to nutritious foods, to obtain those same nutrients without supplementation. That is all I meant by my earlier comment. :)

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6/16/13 1:33 A

I have to quite disagree w/ a couple of previous posters: "If your diet is good, you do not need supplements." -- If food in fact was grown in your own garden and you actually know what is in it, maybe. If you buy from the general grocery store, assume that food does not contain adequate nutrition due in part to changes in quality of soil that most food is grown in--not to mention distance traveled, and time since harvested.

And NO I'm not promoted the above named supplements. I do agree that raspberry ketones are much to-do about nothing.

I do not know enough about cla to speak for that one, one way or the other...

I recommend careful research as to the what and why of something vs. what a sale-type person recommends.

IMO, in terms of the medical establishment, there is still far too little knowledge on the topic of nutrition for a typical MD to be a reasonable resource on this topic. Most have had 1 quarter of instruction on nutrition (at most) in all their medical training. So many do not seem to see a connection between many illnesses and the stunning lack of nutrition in the typical S.A.D. (standard American diet).

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/15/13 7:21 A

I agree that GNC personnel are usually not medically or nutritionally trained, other than anything that the company itself feeds them so they will sell products.

If you do a search on these boards, the rasp ketones have been discussed often, because they were promoted for a time by a particular TV show that will remain nameless.

Also, take to heart the links you've been provided that will give you unbiased information, and not just someone trying to sell a product.

6/14/13 10:33 A

I tried raspberry ketones and think it is like doing nothing... no results... just a big hipe... don 't waste your money....If you want the same effect buy some green tea bags for better results and more bang for your buck.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,970
6/14/13 9:37 A

There are no magic pills or shortcuts to dropping the fat. You have to do the work. You have to eat right.

Those supplements will only make you drop weight in one place -- your wallet!

TSISQUAUSDI Posts: 1,676
6/14/13 9:01 A

Good advice here! emoticon

CHERRYTOMATOES SparkPoints: (1,512)
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6/14/13 8:45 A

Thank you so much for responding and not "judging". I was on another msg board (mfp) and well...
the links were helpful and going to stick with my current regime', it's working so why mess with it emoticon

have a wonderful day!

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6/14/13 4:02 A

I had no idea what they were until I read the comments on here.

I have never take a supplement apart from Cod liver oil when I was a kid.

Someone here said "if the diet is good you don't need them" I agree

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,465)
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6/14/13 1:44 A

I wouldn't try them myself, and I hope that you don't!

Below are a couple links that will explain why

(Dietitian Becky's Blog.)

(Dietitian Becky's response to another member)


BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
6/13/13 8:59 P

Around here, yes, it is a taboo subject.

If your diet is good, you do not need supplements. Add to that the fact that supplements are essentially unregulated, and they are almost always ineffective, dangerous or both.

I'd recommend you ask your doctor if they are right for you. Chances are they will do nothing, good or bad, and you'd just be throwing your money away. Which is precisely what GNC wants.

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6/13/13 8:58 P

GNC associates are cashiers; not people you should be taking supplement advice from. ;)

I have never heard of cla, but raspberry ketones are a popular fad with no reasonable evidence to prove any benefits. IF you want raspberry ketones, eat raspberries. Skip the supplements, which may or may not even contain the thing it says it does.

CHERRYTOMATOES SparkPoints: (1,512)
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6/13/13 8:54 P

not too sure if this is a taboo topic...
the GNC person was talking to me about these two products... did not get them yet, i wanted to do some research and ask around... any insight that anyone would like to share with me? please

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