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GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
10/31/11 3:02 P

While I do feel good going- do not go every Sunday- Hoping for 2 Sundays a month. I am not a good sleeper and have a dog that barks TO MANY nights. Some mornings wake up very sore and aching (Arthritis) It takes at least an hour or two to loosen up.I have conversations with God once or twice every day and that leaves me very refreshed.

GOLFGMA Posts: 21,234
10/11/11 9:11 P

I go to church every Sunday unless I am so sick I can't go which doesn't happen very often, but, I don't say that to boast. For me not to go would be letting myself down and letting a Lord who went to the cross for me down. I believe every word in the Bible and accordingly it states that we should assemble ourselves with other believers.


GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
10/10/11 12:36 P

I don't go every week. Right now I am aiming for 2 Sundays a month. It does make me feel better- My decision whether to go is usually on how well I slept the night before- to get ready in the early AM

JENNY_BILLOT Posts: 1,634
10/9/11 4:52 P

A friend invited me to her church this weekend and I went to the service and had a good time. The message was positive and they seem like a great community.
Do you go to church or belong to a group you were invited to? Has it helped you with your goals?

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