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If you're doing the from frozen pre-made seasoned wings (hot wings, teriyaki wings etc), then it's almost guaranteed to be "by the piece" not by the 2-part wing.

Weighing helps.

Wings are actually pretty high-cal as far as chicken goes. They are made up mostly of skin and fat, and tend to get deep-fried (and for the pre-made ones, often coated). That said, sometimes I'd rather have a small portion of wings than a giant portion of chicken-breast-yet-again. You can work the into your menu, just cut back somewhere else on the day you decide to eat wings.

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Are you making them yourself? If so, weigh them and enter them in that way. If you're out, then see if where you ate has the wings in the tracker. If not, then find an entry that is close. It would be for the whole wing.

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I'm trying to keep track of what I eat. silly ?,but what is considered a chicken wing serving? Is it the whole thing, or just 1 piece? just wondering since there are 2 pieces to a wing.thanks everybody.

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