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You may want your body composition to be different, but your body is programmed from birth to prepare for adulthood and like it or not, this includes weight and shape changes during adolescence. This article can provide more insight to help you understand your body type and how your shape reflects that.

A Teen's Guide to Weight and Body Confidence
What You Need to Know about Weight, Body Shape and More

If you are at a healthy BMI, focus on sculpting your body through strength training to help make the most of your best assets. Make your arms and legs strong, long and lean while making your core as tone as possible. This article can help with that.

A Teen's Guide to Fitness & Exercise
What You Need to Know about Cardio, Strength Training and More

Coach Tanya

11/2/13 9:05 A

I decided in the last year that I wanted to lose some weight, I was roughly 9 stone about six months ago and since then I have lost just over a stone; I am currently just under 8. However, my parents are concerned that I have lost too much and my local GP confirmed that I really need to put on a few pounds in order to maintain a healthy weight. However, what really motivated me to lose the weight in the first place was the fact that I was unhappy with my tummy, I had a fairly substantial waist line and although I have lost a lot of that, my waist to hip ratio is still very high - actually higher than is healthy although my bmi is bordering on underweight. Although I can see that parts of my body at the moment are too skinny (and this is affecting my health) I really want to know if there is any way I can change my weight distribution so that I can put on weight in a way that it won't go straight onto my tummy and add to the existing bulge, which I still hate. I should mention that I do core strengthening exercises and actually have a quite strong core, just a layer of flab on top. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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