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2/14/12 6:06 P

It's good you're finding people to walk with - could neighbours be new walking buddy? Must help with motivation.

How are you feeling about wedding tomorrow? do u have any plans re food, altho you have managed the last few social occasions really well. Good luck xx

managed a swim today - found another session so was pleased as really needed to go! Also did lower body strength for today and the core strength I missed yesterday :D

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/13/12 9:53 P

yes, your work counts. not pleasant to live in chaos. hope you enjoy the results. make room to exercise!!!

i recorded food last week for calcium MC. i usually do (except when i fall off).

will do butt video for strength. also walked with young neighbors.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/13/12 6:22 P

Just posted on 10 min thread - looks like you've not stopped!! Forgot you could make it to dance class today - hope it went well!

WELL DONE on food at party!!!! Looks like you made good choices & no doubt resisted all number of things! Must be so difficult watching hubby eat the things you want - if only we all had metabolisms like his!! altho it's about health not just weight so it's good he's made improvements :)

Well done on sticking to schedule :D Are you tracking food?

I have walked & stepped but no strength as yet even tho it's on the plan :(
House is in chaos - got workmen coming in tomorrow & have to empty large bedroom completely - most of it is in the lounge 'cos house not very big! Not even room to exercise atm - suppose all this lifting & carrying is strength work - it's definitely exercise :D

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/12/12 10:17 P

msg 2

ate salads at party. don't know what was in the dressing. and some interesting fruit. half tspn of husband' s creamy stuff. (have i told you he eats anything he wants and is skinny? but he's gotten a lot better, nutrition wise.) walked there and back. husband's family, so he went. usually doesn't.

also did jillian michaels. been sticking to your schedule. now to stop overeating. have been uncharacteritically high lately.

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/12/12 5:27 P

yes, that's how it works. starting is the hardest part. where did i hear that? :) now you will stick with it!

been moving, but not hard enough. last night young partner called to walk. she accommodates my speed. today current partner canceled. i better make me do something.(after i do my gums.

engagement party tonight. wedding on wednesday. social occasions are my biggest calorie challenge. (seems i've heard that b4, 2.)

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DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/12/12 5:20 P

Thanks :D It's the consistency that I struggle with - have spells when do quite well but then stop - the 10 min challenge has really helped with that - there have been days when I wouldn't have done anything but the 'only 10 mins' got me moving and usually did more once started.

Swimming again today but nothing else, won't get to swim again till Friday so back on the step!

5 miles is good - no matter how many parts it's in!!
Looks like you're doing well with exercise - how are you doing with burning more calories?

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/12/12 12:42 A

msg 2. we should look at other threads first. you've come a lomng wayu from trying to do 10 min. terrific!!

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2/11/12 9:19 P

glad you're doing stuff.
antivirus found nothing. i didn't think it would, though it was suggested by someone who should know. time will tell...
5 miles were in 3 parts, but 1 day. still pleased.

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2/11/12 6:19 P

Just a walk & strength today - doing well with strength :D

Hope your computer is cured!!

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2/10/12 5:57 P

Well done on walk - 5 miles!!! emoticon

Good news re dentist :)

Bad news re computer :( hope antivirus works xx technology is brilliant when it works but can be sooo annoying & frustrating! fingers crossed for you!

Great news re buddy - u must be so pleased :D

Another good day - swimming again & walk & strength :D

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/10/12 4:10 P

got on computer to install and run antivirus. getting nothing done. but got good news about old buddy, so i'm glad.
enjoy the weekend.

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/9/12 8:52 P

my computer just shut itself twice. don't know what the future holds.
nice going!!!!
get the best you can afford if it will motivate you. no experience.
thanks for reminder. dentist today. hygienist pleased.

walked 5 miles. ran only once when i remembered.
have a great weekend.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/9/12 6:14 P

ooh, meant to ask - do you use a pedometer? Thinking about getting one but not sure which level to go for - basic or counts everything...

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/9/12 6:03 P

Thank you for my goodie emoticon

I meant not taking medicine must impact on on other things... other health issues, pain relief, etc.

Do you just want to track area - upper, lower, core, or actual exercises? could u maybe have a tick list on computer - or a rota with reminders - mon - upper, tues - lower, wed - core, thurs - upper, fri - lower, sat - core, sun - stretch/ day off...

Btw - going back to prev messages - here's a reminder to do your gums :D

So, I'm on a roll - 110 mins today!!! Mainly 'cos I went swimming :) then walked, SP video & strength - due to your invitation :D

Have a good weekend - keep up the good work xx

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/9/12 12:09 A

woohoo 4 u 90 min!!

i do not take medicne. i said "unmedicated". means i must work harder to lose, but none of the other stuff. thanks for the sympathy.
absolutely just informing you. i just thought of it because of conversation with someone else. glad you asked for clarification. i've found i'm sometimes unclear and i'm so happy when people echo what they think they heard and i can clarify.
yeah, saw the 90 and woohooed you b4 i read your woohoo hear. glad you gave yourself one, too.
yes starting is the hardest. will look at 5 min daily. i need something to reinforce our plan. the tracker i use ( doesn't let me specify body part worked.

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/8/12 11:54 P

woohoo 4 u 90 min!!

i do not take medicne. i said "unmedicated". means i must work harder to lose, but none of the other stuff. thanks for the sympathy.
absolutely just informing you. i just thought of it because of conversation with someone else. glad you asked for clarification. i've found i'm sometimes unclear and i'm so happy when people echo what they think they heard and i can clarify.
yeah, saw the 90 and woohooed you b4 i read your woohoo hear. glad you gave yourself one, too.
yes starting is the hardest. will look at 5 min daily. i need something to reinforce our plan. the tracker i use ( doesn't let me specify body part worked.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/8/12 5:21 P

Oh minnie! that must be so hard, so frustrating - doing all the right things & not losing, or not losing much - takes real determination to keep going! And the medicine thing must impact on other stuff too xx Do u know what's going on with food - do you need to track / plan meals in advance/ shop for different food...?

Saying things outright works for me - easier than trying to second guess something - not sure if that is in response to something I said or if you're just clarifying...

Well done on the plan :D Oh no, accountability & an invite to do strength lol Actually it worked, so thanks xx Clocked up 90 mins today - walk, step & strength - woohoo!!

I joined the mini challenge team and the 5 min daily challenge team - it's one strength exercise for each day and one SP video to do at some point over the week. I did the one strength and carried on to do more, as I thought I probably would once I got started.

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/7/12 8:00 P

you're entitled to beam. you did very well with both food and exercise and i'm pleased you see the progress.

right now i plan to do these 2 dance classes and wait till june.

according to our plan, i did the new dance dvd and then some core work. may i invite u 2 join me?

yes, thanks, i've been moving. conditions were good. and i agree, the majority matters. also, i don't do the "might as well keep going" thing, generally. but i've overeaten all week and gained. gotta stop. it's too hard for me to lose. i'm an unmedicated hypothyroid cuz i'm afraid of medicine.

have a good!

i want to tell you something about me. i'm not subtle. if you ever think i'm hinting at something, u r mistaken. if you ever hint to me, i won't get it.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/7/12 7:12 P

Only missed one day posting on the 10 min thread, shd be there somewhere :)

It's good u can make next couple of dance classes - bet u can't wait - or am i getting a trifle too excited!! Are there any other classes you can check out?

Another good walk - excellent :D noticed yr minutes on 10 min thread - you're certainly putting in the hours!! Remember overeating on one day is the exception to the rule - it's what you do most of the time that matters - just accept that was as it was and start anew today - committing to healthy living includes changing the way we think as well as the physical stuff.

How was the strength? I need to start that again - must be over a week now since I did any!! (Putting it on your plan and I'm not doing it - the cheek :P )

You're right about the mini challenges - I'll join and dip in - thanks :) I did well today - meal out - they did healthy versions of some dishes so went for those and did well with portion control, and exercised for 60 mins - feeling pleased :D In fact there is NO way I could have eaten all of it so that shows the progress I've made with portion control *BEAM*

60 mins exercise (walk & step) and

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/7/12 12:27 A

i'm also glad you did it. hardest part is starting. didn't see you post on 10 min thread?

u r right that must get used to dance class, but not this one for me. will be able to go to old class next 2 mondays cause of holidays.

i lucked out. old walking partner came to get me. but i forgot about intervals. but i somehow overate today. and no social event, which are my calorie downfall. didn't drink all day.

great plan. why does it make me feel nervous?must do some strength. ludicrous that i can't find 10 min.ok, i'll do some arm strength (for you :)).THANKS. i'll lower slowly. i read that's good and i feel it more. i can't stand on my feet any more.

the point of the mini challenges is to make us aware. trouble is i lose the focus when the week is up. whatever you wish. overcommitment is not a good idea. slowly but surely is a better approach. it's not a real commitment. you could lurk a while. or pick which weeks you'll do.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/6/12 8:35 P

Well done on walking & restraint with food - social occasions can be very challenging re food!

Shame about the zumba class. Could the other dance class maybe get better if u kept going - once u know the dances? Exercise is so much easier if u enjoy it! Must be so hard to motivate if you're only doing it 'cos u think it's good for u :(

How about a plan?
outline: video 3 times a week (dance once/ week, shred once/week (or is that too much?) & one other), bike / walk with intervals - 2 or 3 intervals (is this the right number?) on other days - need to add minimum time to exercise each day (10, 20, 30 mins...) & possibly supplement with SP videos/ strength exercise if time allows... what do u think?

Thanx for the link - I'll have a look. I like to have a mini challenge - helps to keep me on track, don't want to over commit tho...

Did 10 mins walk & 30 mins step - took some motivating but glad I did it :D

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/5/12 11:24 P

great you are working your way up and seeing results.i was pleased when i noticed your minutes. you're so right. the right direction is important. everything helps.

ok. thanks for the interpretation of my organizing. no need to convince me. just improve me when you are inclined. reminders are always appreciated. e.g. to do my gums.

thanks. it was good. i considered replacing the dvd. i did not enjoy it, but i thought it was good for me. but then i thought it might be too much. i'll try to do shred occassionally. i bought the library dvd as my reward on the MC challenge.
come join if it looks interesting. i like it. challenge changes each week. )

it's not as much fun without people, but it was somewhat enjoyable. haven't done it yet. will try at least once a week. i once went to zumba. good thinking. trouble is the class is the other night i can't go in the immediate future. i tried another dance class. met few people i knew, but didn't know any of the dances. no fun.

when i was doing january challenge, i did a video every day. it ended (because i started early) well over a week ago and i've done only one video since.

walked with walking partner. seems to be a sunday pattern.

walked to wedding (about 20 min). ate a decent meal (no bread, desert or muffin (why do they put desert on my main lately?)). walked around in circles with the old people. sometimes i go dance with the youngsters, but i couldn't today. friend brought me home. had a good time and ate reasonably, even if more than it would have been at home.

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DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/5/12 8:34 P

Already up to 20 or 30 mins depending on how the day is going so pleased with that. It's all low impact as I'm nowhere near as fit as I used to be - but 100 times fitter than when I started this journey in Sept - travelling in the right direction so that's all that matters :) I hadn't really thought about safety... suppose I ought!! I thought about what you said about walking and decided that instead of 30 mins step I should split it - aim for at least 10 mins treadmill walking. Did 15 mins today & tried intervals (inspired by u!) but read an article afterwards & I hadn't done it right, but I had increased speed at intervals so that's gotta do something!

I can see I'm not gonna convince you about org skills just yet (even tho you're sorting healthy meals (planning, shopping, prep), using computer as a tool to assist (that's organised!) & organising your day to include exercise and SP - that I know of!) so will focus on something else for now (and come back to it!!). And having someone come in is about prioritising (which could be called organising :P) so that you can focus on the things that are important to you...

Congrats on 30 day shred - that's good going :D Could u get another copy of the ripped dvd if u enjoyed it? It's a shame about the dancing - is there any way around that - go somewhere else maybe? I know u had the dance dvd from the library, doubt that comes close to your weekly session but maybe it's enjoyable enough to keep using?? Have u thought about trying something like zumba - just thinking that it's quite dance-y...

And exercising your brain is important too :D and exercising yr tongue suggests that you're spending time with others and sharing news & lives which is also important for well being - so all good!!!

Good luck with your busy monday :)

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/5/12 1:05 A

10 min step is a real workout. maybe you'll be able to add a minute after a while. is it safe to do every day? intervals is what they recommend these days. keep up the walking if you can.

i had jillian michaels "ripped in 30" dvd but it broke. still don't know how. anyway, today i found first level of "30 day shred on youtube. downloaded it and did it (mostly).

of course i have some skills. but they are quite poor and require much effort. as for looking after myself, my computer reminds me to brush my teeth!!! i was never a great housekeeper. now i have someone come in for 3 hrs every other week. she does more in those 3 hrs than i do in the rest of the 2 weeks.

i enjoy exercising my brain. i could do puzzles all day. but they say there are no muscles there. the only muscle i enjoy exercising is my tongue!! i enjoy dancing, too. i've been dancing an hour a week for a few years. i won't be able to go for a few months now (except occassionally).

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/4/12 10:37 P

Ah, I see.

You def have some org skills - maybe not what you want but must have some just to keep house & look after yourself!! But yeah, I understand that it's an area you feel needs improvement.

Yes did 20 mins so that was good, but it was just walking - not intervals or anything motivated, but still moving!! 30 mins step today so that's better - only 10 min difference but step feels more of a workout & def burns more calories - was walking on treadmill for 30 mins a day but then figured out that 30 mins on treadmill burns same number of calories as only 10 mins on the step!!! I think the best exercise for burning calories has been the SP Athletic Intervals Cardio video on the Jan Jumpstart (off to post on 10 min challenge!!)

Is there any exercise you enjoy? or anything u might like to try?

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/4/12 7:46 P

2021 for the day. 335 exercising. 1502 background. 184 digestion is what Fitday says.

i'm not modest. trust me, no organization skillls. my strength is i have no junk in the house.

at least you did your 20 min. sorry you are cold. hope you enjoyed marching.

missed ya on 10 min challenge thread.

i walked a little today. hoping to do something else. need to burn another 400 calories!!! doubt i'll make it.

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DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/4/12 12:57 P

Aww, thanks :D

Green light for nagging - woohoo! OK, I will take non-compliance as 'you haven't done that yet' rather than 'you don't want to do it' - unless you tell me otherwise! I'm fine with non-compliance - just means we're still working towards doing/ changing something...

2021 cals - WOW!! that's some session! well done, remember you can balance out burning off calories over a few days if you have less time. I think weight loss is very closely linked to organisation - planning meals, shopping, having healthy choices available, cooking, fitting in exercise around everything else.. I know you say you're organisationally challenged but maybe you have more skills than you realise...

shame about the walking but at least you do other stuff too, and are doing something every day.

Only 20 mins exercise yesterday, hoping for more today - in fact i'm gonna get marching with that step now - that'll warm me up too :D

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/2/12 11:57 P

wow, i sure spotted a good buddy! glad you agreed.

glad you did well today. hope tomorrow and the weekend continue to work out well (pun intended).

you can't force. unless under real force, nobody does what they are not ready to do. feel free to nag. i won't be offended. i just hope you don't mind if i don't comply. nothing personal. i'm truly challenged.

yes. unfortunately, i walk less and slower.

today i rode my stationary bike enough to work off the extra food. i was hungry and had nothing ready. burnt 2021 calories. but it took a lot of time. fortunately, i had it today. i won't tomorrow.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/2/12 5:59 P

Thanks minnie xx Yes I'm still on track, have done much better today with both food & exercise.

and of course you can learn!! I love organising stuff lol, so whatever I can do to help... I will keep trying to encourage - don't want to cross the line into nagging or forcing my ideas on you tho - we're all different and what works for me isn't necessarily right for you! Suppose it's all about options :D

Well done on the walk & keeping up with the intervals! Bet it was good to see old partner - must've been so hard when she moved away! It's harder to motivate when you're exercising alone, especially if you're used to working with someone, so congrats on keeping going xx

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
2/2/12 12:22 A

i could use your organizational skills. wonder if i could learn. both exercise and food work better with a plan, but... maybe with your encouragement.

we all have some days that are not as great as others. the important thing is not to throw in the towel. get right back on the horse, as i'm glad you did, it think. i'm sure you'll take advantage of the opportunity to do better tomorrow. plan?? :)

old walking partner who moved away came by today. she walks quickly. guess we speeded up to make the lights. short intervals are better than nothing.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
2/1/12 8:21 P

well done on bike intervals - got to start somewhere. Maybe make a plan to speed up one more time every day or every other day, or increase speed a little more... Just a thought - I work better if I have a plan & am working towards something but might not be your thing.

Only managed 10 mins on step today but at least I did that! Food not that good today either, within calories but not as healthy as could be. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day & a chance to do better :)

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/31/12 11:30 P

thanks, it hasn't happened again.

speeded up twice on bike. it's something.

so glad you're seeing progress. that's motivating.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
1/31/12 9:38 P

Technology can be so annoying! Hope computer ok & behaving now.

Sounds like you're set for intervals - keep going, I'm sure it'll make a difference :)

Yes I'm trying to keep up with the strength - another video today & a couple of extra exercises and 30 mins cardio - still hard getting started but good once I'm going, definite improvements in fitness so that helps too :D

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/31/12 9:28 P

msg 3 gonna ride my bike, soon. too late at night. then won't fall asleep

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/31/12 12:31 A

msg 2
windows just shut and restarted itself. i'm not at all pleased!

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/31/12 12:21 A

oops, did i forget to post yesterday??

i have an interval dvd. i think the new dance one is intervals, too. i downloaded a bike intervals thing from youtube using free Youtube Downloader software.

you're doing well with the 10 min streak. i've been watching :) keep it up. yeah, it works. getting started is the hardest part.

slowly but surely is a good idea. 5-10 min strength? you've done the jumpstart. she has lots of good ones. i should do one now.

thanks, my day was a little hard but fine. mondays and wednesdays usually are. have a good day tomorrow.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
1/30/12 7:45 P

January Jumpstart finished & wanted change from those videos so tried the SP New You Bootcamp Day 1: cardio kickboxing video today - was worried it would be too advanced but it wasn't too bad (working at my own level!!) and I really enjoyed it! Altho I ended up doing same arm toning video, started thinking I needed to do more strength but reminded myself slow but sure... need to be careful I don't push too hard & burn out!

Hope your day OK xx

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
1/29/12 10:21 P

Well done on the intervals :D do u have a video or just do your own? Did you manage to record - is that something you need to do so you know how much you're burning? or are you happy just knowing that you're working?

Hope you managed the dance video - you must enjoy it if you've ordered a copy :)

I've kept up the exercise, almost didn't today but the 'only 10 mins' trick worked - ended up doing 40 mins on the step, but no SP videos today

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/29/12 5:10 P

glad to see you on 10 min challenge. by now you know i walked. maybe will do library dance video. i ordered it for about 6 dollars.

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/28/12 7:02 P

you're very welcome. glad it works.
yesterday i did the first library video again. today i just walked a little so far. it was a nice day. i recorded neither. maybe i'll get off the computer and go do something and record?? thanks for asking!
i did some intervals. i want to get into interval training. it's in style. circuits are efficient, too.

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DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
1/27/12 6:30 P

I keep an ongoing list in a notebook - more pressing things at the front and long term things in a separate list at the back - the model is actually short, medium & long term but I just use two lists - just seemed easier... I prefer it to the piles of separate lists I used to have, and the constantly rewriting lists...

How are you doing with burning calories - is it still 1800 or have you managed to increase it at all?

I have managed to exercise despite low motivation so this accountability is working - thanks :D and thanks for link to 10 minute club :D

Hope you have a good weekend too xx

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/26/12 9:48 P

thanks. i'm drowning in piles of lists and paper. there's one on my kitchen table for today. still working on it.

welcome to the 10 minute club. it worked for me. hope you enjoy it.

did (what i could from) the other video i brought from the library. five 10 minute solutions.

have a good weekend ( whether or not i post tomorrow. i don't always get to my computer on friday.).

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
1/26/12 6:52 P

Ah, but you still resisted food that you could have eaten...

Thanks for that thread - looks good! I've signed up, not done my time yet but will do it next!!!

I use tick lists to keep me focused & remind me to do stuff - just a table in a Word document - and update it as needs change eg used to tick off breakfast, lunch & dinner but now just tick 'Eat Regularly' and 'Eat Healthily' - works for me...

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/25/12 10:37 P

thanks, but what i skipped was a SECOND dinner.
i don't have a routine. nothing becomes routine. a big life problem. e.g., i have toconsciously remember to brush my teeth. and i have bad gums. i have reminders on my computer.
yes, consistency is a biggie. sounds like a good plan. once you start, you'll end up doing more. have a look at this thread. i started with 10 min a day.i've managed hundreds of days in a row. so has net2biz.

DIZZYBUGS Posts: 2,756
1/25/12 9:35 P

Firstly well done on dinner, sounds like you might be being hard on yourself for the cookie you had but you didn't have any other dessert and skipped the main so congrats on the good you did do! Whether the walk burned off the cookie obviously depends on speed & distance but one thing is certain - it will have burned some calories so that's good.

With regard to exercise - is it time to change your routine? do you have time to add more or do you need to tweak it to burn more? What do you usually do?

I'm currently struggling with consistency - exercise, food generally ok. I have grand plans which sometimes mean that I end up doing nothing! So my new goal is 20 minutes a day and accept that this is OK. Today I did 20 minutes on the step & a couple of SP videos which nearly didn't happen but got there in the end!

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/25/12 6:54 P

thanks so much path.
jibbe, i've taken it out of the library. i agree insulin control is impt. i do not agree with no carbs. too extreme. balance good carbs sounds better to me.
did dance dvd i got from the library. i have 2 problems with exercise. 1 is time. 2 is BOOORRRRing. first time i do a dvd it isn't boring. so variety works for me.

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PATHFINDER52 Posts: 754
1/25/12 4:52 P

I’ve calculated that with the light activity I am capable of performing (just got new knees, so activity is somewhat limited) I am burning about 1824 calories per day. That means I need to eat LESS than 1800, and probably more like 1500 calories each day to lose any weight at all!

If you’ve determined that 2000 calories burned each day is your goal, here are some simple ways of assuring that you accomplish that; 100 calories at a time. . .

Walking -- The easiest and one of the most natural movements known to humans. Fifteen minutes of brisk walking will burn approximately 100 calories. Two brisk daily walks at lunch time & after work or supper will make a 200 calorie difference each day – and (since 3500 calories burned = 1 pound of weight lost) a two-pound difference each month (24 pounds lost in a year)!

Up your speed to Jogging (in place or on the road) and you can cut your time to as little as 12 minutes to burn a little more than 100 calories.

If walking is boring, dance! 20 minutes of dancing (even at a moderate pace) will burn 100 calories, so crank up the tunes!

Housework (the thing we love to hate) will net you more than 100 calories burned for just 20 minutes of vigorous housework. Give yourself credit for all you do!

Swimming – and not only swimming laps -- just a 15-minute leisurely swim will get you 100 calories burned.

Taking the stairs -- whether you work in an office building or have to find stairs to climb, 20 minutes of hauling yourself up stairs will burn about 100 calories, and you can spread it out during the day, 2 minutes here, 2 minutes there – ten times a day and you’re done!

Resistance training -- 15 minutes of vigorous weight training will consume approximately 100 calories. And, remember only three 15 to 20-minute sessions each week will keep your bones strong, muscles tight -- and your body will keep burning calories even after your workout!



JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
1/25/12 12:06 A

I've read Gary Taubes' wonderful book "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" and certainly believe he is right that it is sugars/starches that spike our INSULIN and it makes us get fat. We have so much processed foods today with refined flour and sugars that are not natural, even with the oils that they use in the products. I got the book at the library and it is worth reading.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
1/25/12 12:05 A

I've read Gary Taubes' wonderful book "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" and certainly believe he is right that it is sugars/starches that spike our INSULIN and it makes us get fat. We have so much processed foods today with refined flour and sugars that are not natural, even with the oils that they use in the products. I got the book at the library and it is worth reading.

MINNIE Posts: 18,565
1/24/12 10:25 P

i'll start. just returned from a dinner. after the buffet and the first course, i had enough. i asked them to pack up the main. i didn't take desert. on the way out they were giving bags of chocolate chip cookies. i took a bag for my husband. but i've eaten one. i wonder if walking there and back burned off the cookie.
i'd like to burn 2000 calories a day. that's how i lost. i'm afraid i'm down to 1800.

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