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8/27/13 9:59 P

day3: Today I stayed under 1200 calories..
went to the gym and did interval training on the elliptical machine. for 20 minutes total 6 intervals 1.4 distance and about 200 calories burned (according to the machine)

I then did upper body with the "cybex" type resistance machines.. and ab work.

I feel energized! I feel positive and happy.

Last night and tonight I spent a few hours on the torch, doing a challenge on lampworkers act. We are to make 40 beads... no tools.. only gravity... to shape.. only 2 contrasting colors and design element dots.. only.. melted in..

This project is to work on technique.. I'm really enjoying it.. plus too it is keeping me away from the frig and goodies cabinet.. I'll be heading off to bed now and will read.. no more eats for today! Night all...

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8/26/13 10:25 P

Can't complain... day 2 just about done.
both days I stayed under 1600 calories
and both days exercised... sunday 45 min walk and gardening
Today I went to the gym.. strength trained 45 min

Taking it easy.. I've cut back on coffee and when I have it its black. NO MORE sugar..
I did have a slice of banana bread tonight.. I counted it.. Home made by my daughter..
had to have at least one slice. Now i'm good.. no more. :-)

have a good one every body!

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8/25/13 7:40 P

Well!!! I'm back. turns out I just did not have it in me. I fell of the wagon and rolled down a hill to put it bluntly. Being away on vacation, and having a stress at work.. did me in.

I'm back that is the good news.. and I truely will be challenging myself.
This week...
1. posting and keeping track of all food!!!
2. drinking my water
3. and going to the gym and/ or doing something active.

I think this will be it, I think my focus needs to be the food! I read that the food portion is 80-90 % of the weight lost equation. In the past I have not been able to get my act together with this! But I am determined. Its amazing really what is all so habit.. and you just automatically reach for those "foods" that are really not so good for you. So now I am gonna think it through, and avoid and make a decision. I don't need the donut, or the pie... these things are so devoid of nutrients... all calories.. Time to get healthy.

by the way.. I did not gain a lot of weight this month. I'm very happy about that. only gained back the few I had lost.. emoticon

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8/3/13 10:29 A

HI exceldream.. thanks for stopping by... yes I think mentally and physically I can only zero in on one aspect of the weight loss journey.. this month is defiantly posting the food and keeping track... I have goals and will try to do all the other stuff like drinking the water,, exercise..

I'm failing miserably On the exercise all ready... posting of the food.. much better..
aug1 1431 vitamins yes..
aug2 1679 vitamins yes
aug3 ??? vitamins yes...

I'm working on these two items in ernest... post the food no matter what.. as soon as humanly possible... also taking my one a day vitamin and glucosimine chondronin (sp?)

which doing the vitamins.. first thing in the am starts me having a full glass of water from the start.. I think these small changes and the accumulations of good habits will add up.
Trying not to get so crazy about this.. but it does need to be in my thoughts.. not perfectionism.. but working towards a goal... calories (1200-1400) yup I was a little over yesterday... its ok.. its alot better than If I where not posting and "not knowing"... usually I hit in the 1800-2500 cal range.. I'm sure on most days... my pre skinny days..Pre healthy days..

This is a new way of living to be healthy! emoticon

jibbie! Yes 5 pounds nine times is a perfect way to break it all down.. We can do this!! emoticon

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8/2/13 6:06 P

Sounds like a great plan. I look forward to seeing your updates and finding out your next projects. I'm on a similar journey and like your idea of concentrating on focusing on something new each month.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,009
8/2/13 10:05 A

You can release FIVE POUNDS, 9 times. Just don't quit.

Five pounds
Five pounds
Five pounds
Five pounds
Five pounds
Five pounds
Five pounds
Five pounds
Five pounds

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7/31/13 6:19 P

I'm back! I sat down today.. and went through all my "groupings"
these little meals will help in me tracking my food.

My calorie range.. 1200-1400
I will do some activity every single day for the month of august.

and to drink at least 8 cups of water daily... this is plenty to work on ... then as the months come by I will pick something new to focus on ..

I'm starting at 185..

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