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7/9/13 1:25 A

Tbourdeau! Good for you, getting back in the groove. You can do it!

I will be looking up the different resources myself. I do chair exercises when I can't stand because of pain. Well I'm trying to anyway. Smile.

Wishing you the best.

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7/8/13 7:18 P

I love the seated workouts the r great

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7/7/13 2:13 P

Coach Nicole has a couple of chair workouts posted in the fitness section.

When you feel you've outgrown those workouts, go to YOUTUBE and search on chair aerobics workouts. You'll find a variety posted for different fitness levels. I've found some of those chair workouts to be quite vigorous. You can also find chair workout DVDs for sale on amazon. But, check your local library first. Your local library is not only a great resource for books, but you can borrow DVDs too.

You might also want to check out Richard Simmons workouts. I remember he had some members doing his workouts while sitting in a chair. that's something that might work for you too.

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7/7/13 10:44 A

I think I found what I was looking for so will be back if I didn't. Thanks! emoticon

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7/7/13 10:27 A

We just recently moved and then I haven't been on Sparkpeople for a long time. Anyway, I thought I had my chair exercise info (printouts) handy, but I don't. I've seen a lot of posts about people chair dancing, etc. and wondered if they're using a video or just doing something on their own. Could you direct me to the printouts for doing chair exercises? I did find a cardio chair video but think I only saw one. Thanks! T

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