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10/25/11 12:45 A

I usually just buy the packs with the patterns and little tools. You could also go to a crafts store and gets stencils or something, or print out a pattern from the internet. They also sell the little tool kits without the patterns at Target, so if you print out something you can get that. It comes with a little wheel that you trace over the pattern while it is taped on top of the pumpkin, and the wheel slightly indents the pumpkin and leaves marks to then cut.

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10/10/11 1:58 P

you can find some easy and intermediate patterns at the stores (target, walmart.....) that come with a carving kit that gives you instructions on how to use the pattern.
I second pumpkinmasters site. They used to have a TON of free ones to print, but this year they only have a few, and a few more if you like them on Facebook.
My husband has done some pretty difficult ones from the site in years past and there are spots that are cut fully through the pumpkin, and others that are only about half way to get a different depth and color to it. For the half way through spots he would use a rotozip, or dremel tool so he could adjust the blade.

Have fun.

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10/9/11 5:12 P

We don't carve pumpkins although I love to have a couple on my porch. There is a man I work with who does some elaborate design every year. I think he gets his ideas from Google. Some friends paint pumpkins and usually come up with their own designs.

It seems like it would be fairly easy to carve a design from a paper copy but I've never tried that. Hope yours turns out.

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10/9/11 4:26 P

Does your family do them?

Where do you get your designs?
Googling pumpkin patterns shows many sites.

A family favorite of ours is:>

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10/8/11 1:34 P

Does your family do them? Where do you get your designs? We usually just do a normal jack o lantern but I really love the ones that some people come up with. I'd love to do one with our family's last name but don't know how to go about it.

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