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6/22/12 10:21 P

When it's too hot for me to workout? I wait until it's dark and cooler. :) This has the added benefit of shielding my neighbors from my jiggly gut as I run! If you're a morning person, get up in the AM before it gets hot!

Since I live in the south, that's pretty much every day. I run in the dark a lot! LOL.

Tonight, I went to the gym down the street. Great to exercise in cool AC by myself!

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6/22/12 9:24 P

I agree with Swediepie and Dragonchilde - talk to your landlord and explain what it is you are doing. If you can do your cardio in a specific time window (eg. I like to work out between 4 and 5pm in the afternoon), it can help them understand that "oh, that's just RPRE working out".


KURS10B Posts: 5,106
6/22/12 7:54 P

If you havent done it yet, but down an area rug or those rubber mats in your workout space. That may help absorb the bouncy noise and it will make your workout floor softer for you.

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6/22/12 3:14 P

Maybe I'll just go ahead and do my workout and see what the result is. They are kind of um "concerned" about their house & just redid their 1st floor apt with new huge chandeliers in like every room, hence my hesitation. But it true we pay rent, so I'll see if I can go ahead. Worst case scenario, I can stick to squats etc. until its more comfortable to go outside.

Literally, if its 80 degrees or more I get a migraine out there! Not a summer girl for sure, lol

thanks for the replies!

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
6/22/12 2:51 P

I'd probably say, "Hey, I work out an hour a day, so sorry for the noise."

You pay rent to enjoy your space the way you see fit, and I doubt you're going to cause much more noise than your kiddos already do all day.

So I would talk to them, but I wouldn't make it an option to tell you no- it's your "home" and you choose to exercise in it.

Maybe they'll appreciate knowing what all the noise is about. They might assume you're having wild relations upstairs, but to find out you are only exercising might make them a little less anxious about it, lol! emoticon

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6/22/12 1:53 P

You could workout outside early in the morning or later in the evening when it's cooler. Or ask the landlords if you could use their 1st floor. But you can do squats, weight training, abs, ball exercises, and I'm sure running after your kids burns mega calories!

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6/22/12 12:52 P

Have you talked to the landlords about this? I'm sure if you discussed it with them, they'd be willing to tolerate a little banging around in the name of your good health, as long as you do it at a reasonable hour.

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6/22/12 11:53 A

Hey all, so here is the obstacle I seem to run into over & over again...
I want to do some good moderate intensity cardio indoors but I live on the second floor of a wooden home with my landlords downstairs. Any jumping or bouncing kind of thumps a little too loudly on the floors and they are retired and home all day. I have two toddlers that already test their patience with the banging and running well into the evening. We even have a wii fit plus but I cant do the running exercise bc of this problem too. I try the step and boxing but if it gets too vigorous it gets to be too loud on their ceiling, and then I end up not really working up a sweat. I do what I can but I want to really burn some calories here :)

No $$ to spend on exercise equipment like a trampoline or treadmill & no space anyway-small apt.

I dont workout outside in the summer bc I dress covered and the heat and sweating is too much if you are covered head to toe ;) Other seasons arent really a problem. Any ideas welcomed! This has been an issue that has come up over the years and I havent found a really good solution.

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