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2/14/14 4:04 P

There are videos right here on Spark People for people that don't want to fool around with steps and tripping themselves up, check then out.

2/14/14 4:02 P

Just completed a Quick Sweat workout from youtube. Only 8 minutes but it was killer! I'm still trying to catch my breath. emoticon

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2/14/14 3:44 P

Thanks! I do like kickboxing and Tae Bo, have a couple of DVDs. I will check out youtube as well.

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2/14/14 2:46 P

Do you like to walk ? If so, you might try this walking workout from Leslie Sansone.

Zumba can be complicated at first. but like all things if you keep on practicing, you will get better. Don't assume the people in the video or class just get it. Many of those people could
have been taking that class for months.

Do you like martial arts or boxing ? If so, you might like Tae Bo. You don't have to do everything in the video. If you can't do jumping jacks, march in place instead. Make modifications when you need them. Also, watch the video a couple of times to learn the routine.

Practice makes perfect.

Check out YOUTUBE, they have tens of thousands of different workouts posted.

2/14/14 1:45 P

Any suggestions for cardio workouts that don't have complicated choreography? I am clumsy and don't want to mess with difficult footwork, just something that's basic but intense. Already have some Denise Austin, Tae Bo and kickboxing DVDs. Is Zumba complicated? I've been wanting to try that.

I guess this is the wrong forum I should have posted in fitness and exercise sorry...

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