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8/1/13 6:10 P

YayRah! emoticon

LGREGG07 SparkPoints: (44,513)
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8/1/13 1:55 P

update on the car front: it is fixed and a lot cheaper than I was expecting. wahoo!
also, while I havent been perfect with eating, i havent gone over my range since monday!

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7/30/13 11:41 A

LGREGG07 - I hope today is going better for you. Yesterday sounds like a bummer, but you got thru it and seem to have a handle on the same problems today. Binging on cereal doesn't sound like the worse thing in the world. If you're going to eat over your goal, it's certainly healthier than most other things I've ever binged on. Just remember it's a new day and be kind to yourself. You know you would be gentle if a friend did the same thing. Best of luck!

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7/30/13 10:31 A

Ugh - car problems. Not fun, and can stress anyone out.
But you made it to the next day. The cereal? Just a blip on the radar of many, many days of eating healthfully.
Hope your day today is better .
You got this!

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7/30/13 10:23 A

Congrats on picking yourself up this morning, that breakfast sounds awesome!

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7/30/13 10:04 A

You had a bad night, and I know being without my car makes me very stressed and anxious. You ate some cereal, but you've got onto the right foot this morning. You didn't let this situation throw you off track for a week- you should be proud of that! Your breakfast and lunch sound great- have a wonderful workout!


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7/30/13 9:22 A

I'm sorry that your day didn't go as planned. We all have days like that. You are fortunate to have your parents close by to help. Keep up the positive attitude and move forward toward your goals.

Be well,

LGREGG07 SparkPoints: (44,513)
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7/30/13 8:22 A

well, to say last night was pretty bad would be a bit of an understatement. After work the key wouldn't turn in my car. After 30 minutes of trying I'm sitting in the parking lot of my office in tears because of all the stress and frustration. My boss comes out to help my and I'm on the phone with my mom...and its all just kind of embarrassing to think that I was crying over my car in front of my boss ( I actually think I was crying more for the fact that I couldn't go to the gym then anything else -- missing the gym gives me anxiety, which I need to work on). After my mom came to pick me up I was still in tears but determined to make it a good eating day and it would have if I had just stuck to my dinner and apple w/cinnamon for dessert. But no. I binged on cereal right before bed. I went to bed angry with my self that I had binged AGAIN after a week of eating over my calorie range with a huge binge Friday and Saturday night. Coupled with not getting to the gym last nigh, and my car, I was mad at myself for letting the stress get to me.

But, on the plus side, I woke up on time this morning. Made myself a healthy breakfast (1 egg on a sandwich thin w/salsa and grapes and coffee and water bottle full of water) and packed a nice salad for lunch and cucumber and almonds for an afternoon snack. A coworker is giving me a ride home today and my dad is letting me borrow his car to go to the gym tonight.

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