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2/25/14 11:43 A

Losing weight by exercise alone is tough. It can be done, but for most of us it requires an awful lot of hours a day and/or very high intensity workouts. Exercise is valuable for our health and helps when combined with diet, but in most cases weight loss will be very slow.

Even with your limited food choices, you can still 'diet' (*I don't like the word) by eating the right quantities and going for as much variety, especially in the vegetables, as you can. If you have certain foods or recipes that you often make, figure out the calories in a serving and track everything on this site.

I agree that consulting with a dietician who understands your limitations would be helpful.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 10:10 A

Track your food, and see how you fall into your range as far as calories, fats, carbs and protein.

This will really give you a true picture of how you are doing weight loss wise. You can track other nutrients, as well, to see how you are doing.

As far as fruit, I don't care for fruit much either - I can count the fruit I like on one hand.It doesn't phase me, as my love for veggies makes up for it.

Since you do like veggies - try experimenting more - different types, different ways. Did you know roasting veggies gives them a new flavour? Veggies you might not even think you like, might become amazing to you prepared this way.

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2/25/14 8:52 A


Have you met with a registered dietitian? If your diet is extremely limited, it's important to be sure you're getting all of the nutrients you need on a daily basis. An RD can help with that, and your doctor should be able to give you a referral to see one.

Coach Jen

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2/25/14 8:37 A

Yes they are and I get frustrated at times, especially when I prepare a bowl of fresh fruit for my son. The smell and colour of the fruit is divine. I'm so tempted but I know if I have a piece I will regret it.

2/25/14 8:04 A

I think you should talk with an registered dietician. Your list of safe foods is extremely limited.

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2/25/14 7:47 A

Thank you all for replying. From your answers I have learned that I must count my daily intake of calories. Foods I cant tolerate apples, grapes, etc. all kinds of fruit. Peppers and spices, brown bread, cheese, I think it is just easier to list what I can eat, bread ( it has to be white ) I bake my own, potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, meat, fish, oven chips, eggs.

Losing weight is very important to me.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/24/14 12:16 P

I agree with Lec.

It's possible to do
, but me, personally - I could not do it - I think even the examples listed would have to be pretty high intensity for the duration. So, it's possible.......

So I guess it goes back to, how many calories a day do you eat, and what is your range?

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2/24/14 11:58 A

It's definitely easier to cut calories from what we eat than it is to exercise enough to create the same deficit. Burning 600 calories through exercise would either take a while each day (at least an hour) and/or require exercising at a high intensity level. Even just lowering how much you eat and not changing what would probably be easier.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/24/14 10:20 A

What healthy foods are you talking about?

And what are the safe foods you are talking about?

How many calories are you consuming a day?

Most people say that "You can't out exercise a bad diet". I don't know.

If, say, your range to lose weight was 1,200 - 1,500 calories per day, and you ate 2,000 per day...yet burned off 600 purely by exercise (not just everyday motion - real exercise, like aerobics or jogging or cycling), leaving 1,400...that would produce a loss, yes?

2/24/14 10:20 A

What do you mean you can't tolerate healthy foods? What are your safe foods?

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2/24/14 10:07 A

The info I've seen about exercise is that it is a great toner, a great method for increased cardiovascular health, and good for your overall mental outlook. Right beside those benefits stand statements that it isn't particularly useful as a weight-loss tool.

I've lost quite a lot of weight, and I'm *unable* to do any exercise. I mean, any. I'm in a powerchair. My weight reduction has been purely dietary.

The "common wisdom" will promote the impossibility of that method. But I can't accept "wisdom" that doesn't work.

Perhaps you can make it work for you.
Good luck!

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2/24/14 9:58 A

I cant tolerate what is known as healthy foods because of the acid content, after years of suffering and medication, I now know what my safe foods are. My question is, can I lose weight by exercising alone.

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