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ABROWNQT4U.....not sure about doing the exercises in might not be so good for your back! But there are some good seated chair exercises here on Spark. Check out the "Limited Mobility" under Articles& Videos: Lifestyle Centers. There are some great articles and information available.

If you are able, probably the best thing you could do though is plan for very short walks to start with. This means 10 minutes or less...up the block, around a store or mall...whatever you can work with. Once those 10 minute walks are OK, try for two a day. It will take time, perseverance...but you CAN do it!! Many others have....and you said you want to....

By chance, have you asked your Doctor for a referral to work with a Registered Dietician to help you with the "almost" Pre-Diabetes? Or a referral to a Diabetes Education group?? Either might give you the motivation on a continuing basis to make a difference for yourself. And if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, that will be more important even than the exercise. Learn what and how to eat. Again, start with small goals, take positive steps to help yourself!! You can empower yourself to get control of your situation!!

There is a wealth of information here on read as much as you can. Check your Goals for calories and nutrition (carbs, fats, protein) and aim to stay in the suggested ranges.
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I imagine most floor exercises could be done on a bed. stretches, leg lifts, ab work. It is hard to get started when you have no energy. You might feel a little wonky if they are also changing your foods as well. It doesn't matter how small you start.....just start!!!!! emoticon

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1/7/14 9:49 P

went to the doctor and she told me I'm on the verge of being a Pre Diabetic. Just hearing that scared me, but for some reason I cannot seem to get motivated even after hearing that ,i always feel tired and not motivated at all,even though I want so bad to do so .I Need some simple starter exercise I can do just when I'm laying down in the bed

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