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I hope I'm about to answer your question correctly.. If you're on the main page and you click on Track My Food, it'll take you to the tracker. Then around the middle of the page, slightly to the left you'll see the date (just to the left of the water tracker). Underneath the date is a little drop down that says "Tracker Options." This will allow to to turn on/off meal plans to switch between planning your own meals or letting SP plan your meals for you.

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8/3/13 9:51 P

I am brand new to this plan and I want to see and change the foods in my weekly food plan so that I can then print out my weekly grocery list, but I cannot figure out how to look at the diet plan for the upcoming week.
Can someone explain to me how to see the meal plan for the week ahead ? And then how to make the food choice changes so that my grocery list will be accurate ?
Thanks !

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